hi there.

i’ve really been missing home lately. probably because my brother keeps sending me snapchats that look like this:


so that’s been tough.

i think mostly i’m missing my family. with the weather being so nice here lately i thought a lot about how much i wished i was home for my dad to take me out to a neat spot for happy hour on the patio – we always have the best conversations  and he knows the best places. i’ve also seriously been craving my dad’s caramel popcorn.  i miss my mom’s homemade bruschetta and her margaritas on the deck. i also miss waking up to her banging dishes, cabinets being slammed, her turning on the light in the room to get the laundry, and the vacuum cleaner running at the crack of dawn – i guess i got used to that. i’ve been missing my brother drew’s random rap’s that he makes up while walking around the house and his hugs, because his are the best.hugs.ever. and i miss my baby brother blaker, a lot. and i miss my sister anna, who is so friggen put together. God give’s you older sisters for a reason. bless anna jean’s heart, because she has the most patience with me, i can’t even believe it sometimes. the girl has some serious talent in putting up with me. i miss my cousins and my crazy aunts. and i really miss my grandparents a lot too. and i really miss my friends. big things are happening for my friends lately and i wish i could be there to celebrate with them.

Friday, doughnuts seemed like a good idea.


Michael couldn’t get over how good those ‘cupcakes’ were. He just loved the cupcakes and wants me to get him them for his birthday – in September.

Went to Stamford on Friday to visit Emily. Stamford on Friday was fun.



Saturday I headed into the city. the city makes everything better. new york makes me the most happy girl in the entire world. no matter what i’m going through or what i’m dealing with; when i’m there – i’m all there and it’s all the matters. how i feel about new york is how buddy the elf feels about christmas.

i got off the train and headed to east village to meet up with my friend, Brian. remember Brian? we worked together a few years ago at a summer camp, he lived in ny this summer, visited over christmas and now was back for an interview. it was exactly what i needed. we grabbed lunch and caught up. he’s one of those life long friends forever type of friend. i just luv da kid. mostly because we send each other snap chats like this:


i then headed to brooklyn. on my way, i accidentally ended up in Soho (only the best place to shop in nyc).


somebody pinch me. sixty degrees, sunshine and beautiful people everywhere in nyc. life is not real.


i made it to brooklyn and you guessed it – grinning ear to ear the entire subway ride there. people probably assumed i was coo coo.

i got off the subway and the first thing i saw was soooooo many people outside at a park. naturally, i ventured over to the park and sat on a bench. this park was packed. people, kids, families, pets, entertainment. it was like the world had just woken up from winter and i loved everything about it.



Maddie and I stopped at this awesome spot; Zombie Hut. I didn’t take any pictures (bad blogger decision) but thank goodness for google images:


a venue i will be going back to. they had tons of board games available to play. there were groups of people playing apples to apples, scrabble, hanging out, enjoying the weather and sunshine. it was a good saturday.

we then headed next door to a sports joint and i spotted this:


and then i felt like somebody punched me in the stomach.

on my train ride back to home i got to thinking. you know me, the big thinker.

i got to thinking how lucky i am to have feelings of missing home. how fortunate i am to miss my family, my friends, the people from mn. because really, there are so many individuals in this world who don’t have that. as much as my heart hurts from missing home my heart aches even more for those who don’t have that feeling of comfort of their home.

lately with all these feelings of missing home i’ve been questioning my whereabouts lately.

i was meant to see that mn sign. it was there to remind me that no matter where i am in this world; home will be with me. i have the most incredible support and love from everyone and everything at home that will always be with me. right now being here is where i am supposed to be; it’s where i want to be. when i get caught up in thinking about where i am – i am reminded that i made it here – i’m doing the darn thing. i was sitting in brooklyn, ny when i saw that sign. brooklyn has been one of my biggest dreams – since i can remember and there i was. hello lauren hoeschen – pull yourself together. 

go do your dreams yo. live them. while you’re out there, never forget where you came from, because where you’re from and the people there – those people are the ones that matter. for me, they are the ones who have supported me in going after my dreams and to keep on going. it’s like the best of both worlds.

was that cheesy? i think that was cheesy. i think i’m cheesy.

xo lo.

ps. mom, dad – could ya send me a care package of your homemade goodies?


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