the most random post i’ve ever posted.

hi. i just had and am having the best morning.

i like mornings most of the time. i would much rather go to bed early and wake up early. is that normal for a 22 year old recent college graduate?

so. i went to bed last night right after yoga, at 8:30pm…on a Friday night. woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go. probably because the sun was shining in my room. i know you guys know exactly what i mean – that feeling when the sun is shining, right into your room. the best.

i put my yoga mat out, did a few sun salutations and headed downstairs. i poured myself a large cup of coffee made some yogurt with granola and sat down. i grabbed the newspaper and read. ok, you guys – i don’t do that. the last time i grabbed a newspaper was probably in middle school when you actually had to look up movie times. i never, ever read the newspaper. at this point in my life i’d much rather read up on celebrity gossip, search the web for new hip findings, or research new bands, labels and artists. politics just don’t interest me, at all. what’s happening in the world interests me but too often, the newspaper focuses on the bad, the ugly and tragedies and that frustrates me. this morning though i saw an article called, “moving to new york”

two things about that 1) who knew the newspaper had articles other than politics and world tragedies? 2) coincidences are freaky.

let’s recap that morning. woke up, sun shining, sun salutations, coffee, yogurt granola and raspberries, newspaper.

literally in the best mood.

i like discovering new things. maybe why i like adventures so much? oh, by the way – did you know i am going to Denver in two weeks? yeah, that’s happening and i couldn’t be more stoked. i know nothing about Denver other than i’ve heard it’s insanely gorgeous. here’s the scoop; a few weeks ago i was kinda sorta throwing myself a pity party (we all throw them once in a while, so don’t be quick to judge), and so i thought the ONLY way to make myself feel better was to buy an airline ticket – and it did. also, i called my sister this week and she told me she had just thrown herself a pity party and went and bought herself a massage. maybe we take the saying ‘treat yourself’ to the extreme… actually – no. treating yourself is important. so never mind that.

those hoeschen sister’s i’ll tell ya what. ooooftah.


alright back to discovering new things. i love it. something as simple as discovering that maybe i like to read the newspaper is exciting to me. is that pathetic? i think that makes me pathetic but whatever. you know what’s even more pathetic? the other day i was talking to my mom about finances and adult things and i told her “all of this makes me feel like i’m an adult or something” her response: “Lauren, you are an adult”

i have to be reminded  that i am in fact an adult. scary.

i was really into going to starbucks this week. (i almost was going to leave that part out of this because i know i’m about to get a phone call from my parents asking why i don’t just make my own coffee instead of spending 5.00 on a cup there) but, YOLO.

at starbucks i sat and discovered. searched and browsed the web. wrote in my journal. researched new music and upcoming bands. spent hours reading other blogs. and here are some things i came across:

since i’m at starbucks it’s only fitting this popped up on my buzzfeed: typical.

you’ll pee your pants: Baby Reveal Gone Wrong

so neat and a must read (props to Anna for the find): Don’t Ever Give Up

i’m pretty passionate about this one. in college, i studied a lot of violence. domestic violence is such a relevance in our world today and it’s important to be educated about it. i never want to stop learning about it or ever stop keeping up with the newest research. it would really disappointing to me you didn’t take the time to watch this powerful video. Jackson Katz does a phenomenal job presenting this extremely important message. Violence against women—it’s a men’s issue. Educate yourself yo.

i needed to see this. i needed to hear it. read it.

i came across one of my favorite videos of all time. the first time i saw it; i cried. my friend emma and i watched it at work one night and we both just sat there, jaws open, eyes glued to the screen, tears streaming. not even embarrassed. Watch it

i’ll never get sick of this. ever.


stickers make the doctor worth it.



“miss lauren, i know this is a bad word but i know how to spell it”

clearly, michael is learning a lot this year.



who knew that laying on the table was more comfy than the couch? and digging for gold is always good.


happy weekend folks.




One thought on “the most random post i’ve ever posted.

  1. OK.. I had to laugh at the comment about the last time you read a newspaper.. same for me! I used to look at it each week for the movie times & horoscopes haha. Denver awaits you! 🙂

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