a post for my babies.

happy 1:30 a.m. on monday everyone.

this girl is sick. who knew that sleeping all day long would make it that much harder to sleep at night? weird, right?

i hate being sick, especially this kind of sick – a terrible cold. it’s just dumb. however i’m confidant that my body will soon get it together, lock it up and be on our way. fingers crossed.

lately i’ve been having much thought about my boys. the fact that i’ve almost been here an entire year is crazy to me. i’ve spent almost 365 days with these babies. can you believe it? time does fly ya’ll.  thanks to all the energy being sucked out of me right now, i didn’t leave my bed much yesterday and it gave me some time to read my old blog posts – from the very start.

reading my posts made me realize that i can’t believe how much i’ve grown. how much i’ve changed. how far i’ve come in this journey. i wouldn’t be where i am – without my boys.

it’s mind blowing to me how a part of my life they have become in such little time. i am with these boys day after day and the bond we have, it’s nothing like i’ve ever known. i’ve known that i have grown attached – but not until recently when i had time to truly think and reflect  have i realized just how attached i’ve become.

being a live in nanny has it’s perks. seriously – the best job i’ll ever have. that’s just it – i’m an employee and it’s hard to draw the line between my job and me feeling like family. that’s not a bad position to be in folks. my job is working with three amazing boys. my three amigos. these kids who i care so much about, support and would do anything for. i’ve never known a job like that.

it’s neat to reflect on my past year. seriously you guys i won’t stop saying it  – dreams do come true. this last year i’ve had some of my wildest dreams come true. when i look back on it all i can’t help but to think of my boys. tyler, robert and michael have influenced me to chase my dreams and to be fearless.  kids speak to me in a special way; they get me. without even intentionally doing so – they inspire me. kids go after what they want. they’re fearless and they push boundaries to get what they want. they’re vibrant and they’re true to who they are.

kids are powerful and they impact us more than we give them credit for i think. children are powerful and it’s amazing what we can learn from them.  they speak this beautiful, strong and meaningful language that once we grow older – we complicate. does that make sense? i might be crazy but i always translate what my boys say or do into my own life. it’s much simpler. they get it. they understand life.

so here’s a shout out to my tyler robert and michael:

i think you guys rock. you’ve been there for me this last year and have helped me get through some tough times, some of the most tough times. you’ve taught me some pretty neat things about myself and life. you’ve taught me about yourself and i’m confidant you are smarter than i am and most. you’ve also pushed my buttons, my boundaries and you’ve seriously tested me at times – and i’ll forever be grateful for that. it’s taught me patience. it’s taught me to learn to breath and to asses a situation. i’ll forever be grateful for you allowing me into your lives.

you’re the most kind and respectful boys i’ve met. you have the biggest hearts.  you’ll forever be my little heart throbs and three amigos.

robert – i forgive you for always hiding your plastic spiders around for me to find and almost giving me a heart attack.

tyler – as upset as i was the one time you downloaded the sound of the house alarm going off on your ipad and played it – making me go into a panic attack and having me almost call 911 – i’ll give you credit, that was good.

my michael – you my friend have made me grow a few grey hair’s i’m sure – and i’ll blame all my wrinkles on you. you are a piece of work and where you get all your energy is beyond me. we’ve really grown together this last year mister.

i am so thankful for you fellas each day. i love ya guys to the moon and back.


xoxo miss lauren.



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