before we begin just know that i am currently listening to christmas music on pandora. not even sorry.

hi you guys! how are ya?

i’m pooped. that’s what i am. i was on an (incredible) vacation last week and had the time of my life. the whole trip was go go go. come to think of it, i’m not sure i even blinked. lots of traveling, lots of places to be and people to see for a whole 9 days.

my adventure started on a saturday when i went into the city and visited my girl maddie.




fun fact: we went out to a sports bar & grill and ran into some fella’s from Moorhead, MN. how neat!

i’m so proud of maddawg. she has grown so much this last year living in new york. really. she up and moved into an apartment alone, in nyc, not knowing anyone or anything. nowadays, the girl is a true new yorker.  when you’re in nyc you can tell who is from there and who is not by the way they carry themselves; they have this spark and confidence to them. maddawg – she’s got that going on. plus, she has a super smarty pants dietetics internship that she landed out of tons of applicants. she is a woman with her head on her shoulders and has it together. i can’t get over how much she has grown and overcome these last few months, it’s truly inspiring. she is the most kind, wonderful and ambitious gal around. i’m seriously so spoiled with the people around me – i don’t know how i ended up so lucky.


i’m goo goo ga ga over the flat iron building.

Monday morning rolled around and I was off to COLORADO.

Colorado was awesome. such a pretty destination. have you been? you should go.

first few days i stayed with a good friend of mine from college. we had such a blast catching up since graduation last may. erin and i are alike in the way that we like to go do things on our own – see the world and go after it.  she up and left wisconsin after graduation and moved to denver. we were busy busy busy. we went to Breckenridge, we did a brew tour downtown Denver (met up with some other UW-Stouties), did some shopping, went to a fancaaay restaurant. how fun.


red rocks amphitheater was rad. unfortunately, there were no concerts or shows happening during my visit but it was an incredible venue to check out. did you know that it has some of the best acoustics in the world? can you imagine john mayer, dave mathews band or like… justin bieber there? speechless.


the last few days i stayed with my friend Jenna, also from college, also known as jbabay. something you need to know about jenna; the girl is one of a kind.

we go way back to when i first started working in the admissions office at uw-stout my sophomore year and she worked there as well. get this though – we didn’t start talking until my senior year and her very last semester. maybe the lamest thing we ever did.

that semester, we grew extremely close and then she graduated and moved back to denver. over the last year and a half we’ve stayed in touch and it was so good to be reunited. jenna and i love to analyze everything. we like to discuss dynamics of relationships, families, people; we like to converse about life and our future. we’re really good at conversations. which, can be hard to find people like that, don’t you agree?

among great conversations going, jenna had me moving. i mean we were hiking, biking, doing bootcamps, running, denver, boulder, frozen yogurt, here there and everywhere. if you’re traveling to CO – Jenna is your girl. also shout out to jenna’s family. some of the sweetest people i’ve met.



denver was so good to me. i’ll be back.

eventually friday came around and i was off again – to MINNESOTA!

my heart will always long for minnesota no matter where i am in the world. i could hardly wait to get there. i flew in around 8pm and my favorite sister in the whole wide world who i miss all the time and who is always looking out for me and paving a path for me and who is the most put together girl i’ve ever known picked me up.

i knew two of my good friends were out that night celebrating their birthdays. they didn’t know i was home and i was determined to surprise them on their birthday weekend celebration. anna jean and i headed to the Tavern in Uptown and crossed our fingers they’d show at some point.

IMG_1165 IMG_1166

(can we take a moment to appreciate those glasses. she’s perfect. go girl.)

sooooooo thennnnnnnnnn….. my best friends showed up!

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset  Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset



surprising people is so fun. seeing my best friends is so fun. being in mn surprising my best friends was the most fun i’d had in a while.

saturday morning anna and i were up and at it and we headed to drew and blakes lacrosse games.



IM SO PROUD OF THOSE BOYS. my brothers seriously rock. they are such sweet, kind, goofy very goofy boys. being away from them definitely has been tough for me this last year. each time i see them they are bigger and taller and more mature and i just want them to stay little forever.

oh! mom and dad – they were surprised. classic response from my dad when he first saw me at the game was “No shit, nooooo shit!!!”

it was perfect.

being home was great. i love home. i love family and i am obsessed with minnesota. it’s such a good place. the way of life and people there are truly unique. it’s a heart warming place, that’s what it is.

with that – i’ll let you in on a little secret

i could not wait to get back to connecticut. it’s all i could think of and i was pretty antsy to get on my plane and head back here the whole weekend. i’m taking that as a good thing. i had been away from my boys for the longest period of time we’ve ever spent a part – 9 days. oooof.  9 whole days and my heart was aching for them.

finally, monday came around and i was on my way back to them.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

i walked in the door and mr. michael came running saying

“miss lauren, miss lauren – you’re home!”

life is good ya’ll.

also i miss riley already.









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