hellllllo friday! i’m so happy to see you.

lately, i’ve been feeling off. i think it’s because everyone and thing around me is in transition mode. usually – i love. i crave change, adventure and new. it’s exciting and fresh. i think these ‘new’ things are a different kind though. so many of my friendships and relationships and everything in my life are in transition. what it comes down to is that i’m anxious of what will be, rather than embracing the now and what is.

don’t you think we all get that way too often? we’re always racing to what is to come, where we want to be and how to go about getting there. it’s embedded in us since day 1. it’s not old news. i mean so many things in my life happen that way. before i know it – boom, it’s over.

am i saying it’s a bad thing? absolutely not. Β it’s important to have a plan and goal in mind. we should always be working towards our future or what we want. i guess what i’m saying though is that i need to remind myself to be in the now. to appreciate what is. i’m not referring to things, or opportunities really because i appreciate what i have in that sense – i’m more analyzing moments. no matter what is happening my life good, bad, happy or sad i need to remember that “it is what it is” and to live through them. does that make sense?

maybe you’re saying to yourself “blah blah blah – we know this lauren” and if so, good for you because i certainly need to be reminded. i get so caught up in these motions, in the movements from day to day – i often forget to embrace them actually happening.

can you tell i haven’t been to yoga in a while? πŸ˜‰

anyways. here are a few moments of what have made me super happy lately. moments. :


i got a new macbook. i’m a first time macbook user folks and i can.not.get.off.of.it. thor and i had some fun with the Photo Booth yesterday.


this was such a happy moment. green gas, a dress, sandals and sunshine. Image


Image 1


shake shack makes me so so so happy.


Image 4

Image 6

sometimes playing at the park is exhausting. sometimes it’s appropriate to sit back, relax and dig for gold right in the middle of the park.

Image 7

not a whole lot makes me more happy then seeing my super awesome brother and perfect puppy.

Image 8


sorry not everyone’s saturday nights are as fun as ours.

Image 10



i hope you have happy weekend. a really, really happy weekend. a weekend filled with moments that don’t slip away too fast. happy day.







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