my thursday was out of this world.

such a good day.

i had the day off and obviously went into nyc. i met up with my good friend Steph and our friends from UW-Stout who I hadn’t seen since graduation. they were in town for the weekend. we grabbed some super yummy food at Marios Pizza. it’s so much fun right now catching up with everyone. where we are in life – where we’re going.

every time i get to do this with friends, i am reminded how spoiled i am with the people i am surrounded by. everyone is doing such fun and cool things. surround yourself with those. those who are doing something. they’re chasing their dreams. the doers and believers. they’re the best kind of people to have in your life.

oh, and we went to the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon with special guest Will Ferrell and Chad Smith.

they had a drum off. a frickin drum off. so funny.

and then red hot chili peppers came for a surprise appearance.

yeah, thursday was good.

ps. here’s your celebrity gossip from yours truly:  amanda seyfried was also there and after her interview she stood right next to us with her beau justin long who came to surprise her. those two. those two are MADLY INLOVE. justin long is way smaller and a lot shorter than i ever knew. amanda seyfried is as pretty and perfect as she seems on camera and i think we could be best friends.


sometimes i don’t know how i am so lucky. really. this life is so good to us. i am so incredibly mind blown and thankful for every single opportunity that comes my way.

after the show we went to one of my favorite spots near Madison Square Garden: American Whiskey


we grabbed dinner a few beers and watched the ranger game.



(i walked downstairs this morning with my nyranger t shirt on and mike said “oh my gosh! you better not show that to your mom! your mother is going to be so upset you’re wearing that! you’re supposed to be wearing the mn wild shirt!)



my friend at one point of the day said the most comforting words to me. she looked at me, grabbed my arm and said:

“lauren, you look so good here. you look comfortable and at home in this city”

i will never forget that. then my heart just melted and my tummy just twirled. and my mind went crazy and my mouth smiled bigger than i knew it could. brebre, you made me so happy in that moment. sorry to everyone who will ever try and top that compliment – it will never compare.

life yesterday was so good.

life is good.

happy weekend. live it.




ps. this morning i had this crazy sick craving for left over cake in our fridge. so i indulged. yolo.

word of advice: don’t do that.

my stomach couldn’t be more upset with me.


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