20 Struggles Only Geminis Understand (Especially #10, UGH)

Thought Catalog

To Grandmother's House We GoTo Grandmother’s House We Go

1. You are so good at seeing both sides of anything that sometimes you find yourself having talked into a circle and you’re like, what do I even feel anymore?

2. Actually, you’re so good at seeing both sides that you’re almost too good at it. You can change your position on a whim, but are not wishy-washy; you genuinely believe different things on different days. 

3. You are the most talkative person you’ve ever met. Your greatest party trick that all your friends are sick of by now is your ability to have an opinion on anything that’s ever existed in the history of life.

4. You overanalyze with the same fervency as someone who is trying to cure cancer and you constantly want to know why people do the things that they do and then, once you know why, you want to…

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