my favorite thing to do in the city is choose an avenue and walk. there is something so exiting about doing so. it’s like you’re on this big adventure – no destination in mind and open to whatever comes your way. it’s exhilarating.

last weekend i chose a good avenue.







FINALLY FOUND IT. you guys, have you seen that movie? serendipity. the best of the best. if you haven’t seen it stop what you’re doing right now and go get it and watch it. fo realz.

did you go watch it yet? here let me convince you: Serendipity Trailer 

it is

i had a movie moment. like the biggest grin on my face of all time. i couldn’t believe it – i finally came across it! i guess i could have just looked up the address, but it’s more fun having faith in knowing one day you’ll just stumble upon it and that’s just what happened this last weekend. (insert so many heart with arrow emoji’s.)



when you go to New York, go to the Union Square Farmer’s Market. It’s unbelievable. it’s TA DIE FER. the thing to do. be there or be uncool.


out of no where it started to rain. did you know that rain puts me in the greatest mood, ever? how can you not like the rain. it’s so refreshing, calming, relaxing, mediating, such a good reason to kick back with a good book or movie, finally get around to those recipes you’ve been dying to try, should i go on? so good.

i happened to be right next to the new york public library.

did you know that the public library in new york could be an entire day’s worth of exploring? me neither. i just started to wonder and look around. that library has such intriguing history and beautiful arches, paintings, etc. it’s like a museum. who would have thought? after almost an hour exploring and learning i made it to the third floor and made it to this study room.


so then i hopped on my computer, plugged in my headphones and jammed to this new track i’m obsessed with.

listen here: 

(do it)

and while everyone around me was hard at work on papers, presentations and i’m guessing busting their booty to pass those finals – i obviously was catching up on the latest news about Jay Z. Did you know that i’m obsessed with Jay Z? Not a day goes by where I don’t google search him. He is such a powerful man. I urge you to get to know him better. he truly is one inspiring and incredible human being. yes, he is an amazing artist – have you read his lyrics? they are brilliant. they’re raw and they’re real and the beat is spot on. what most people don’t realize is all the good he has done, where he’s come from and overcome to be who and where he is now. all that he does for the world is jaw dropping and i bet you have no idea.  what he has done with his life is the definition of the american dream. jay z you are the dream and you are my booo and i love you forever and ever.

did you listen yet?

i’ve been meeting a lot of new people lately and i couldn’t be happier about it. so many new good adventurous people. i went to grab dinner with a new friend the other night and he ordered three hamburgers, two sides of fries and an appetizer so that was the most mind blowing thing that happened to me in a while. also not an ounce of fat on the kid.

the point of this blog: adventure today. 








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