what a weekend yo.

i ventured to Washington, DC. DC has exceeded my expectations once again. it’s such a cool place to be and see. it’s also one of the cleanest places i’ve ever been – i mean, you will immediately notice that about DC – so shout out to that place for keepin it so fresh and so clean.


the gang for the weekend!

MK lives in DC (from MN) and  currently in law school (super smarty pants has her stuff together. you do not want to mess with her because she WILL win) and want to know something crazy – i’ve met and hung out with MK a total of 4 times. the girl is so great. my friends brooke and marni were visiting who i know from college. brooke and marni are hands down the most fun people i know.

brooke and marni are good people to be surrounded by. they have this way of going about life that is hard to come by in people. they do what they want, what they please and are always in for a good time. everything in their world seems right. everything in their world could be going wrong, but to the world looking in, they have it going on. does that make sense? i’m seriously the happiest when i’m with them. everything they do amuses me. they don’t bring the world down with them. they are in the best spirits, always and i love that about these two crazies. wow. I’m obsessed with brooke and marni. sorry not sorry. 

it was a midwest meets dc weekend and i couldn’t have been happier.


we rented kayaks and went along the Potomac River. when you go to DC – do this! what a fun activity! we were on the water, seeing monuments, catching up with good friends AND it was 85 degrees so this chick was a fan of life on Saturday.


Kennedy Center! 10402699_10152945748108677_481194255052946695_n

stopped at the white house to wave at Obama and waited for him to come out so i could ask him to hook me up with meeting beyonce & jay z.

this weekend was gay pride weekend in DC. a topic i’m pretty passionate about. i wanted to share this video with all of you and i really hope you take the time to watch it; i expect you to watch it. it’s powerful and it’s spot on. it’s a TedTalk by Diane Savino who is a Democratic elected official who represents the 23rd Senate District in the New York State Senate, in northern Staten Island and parts of southern Brooklyn, including Sunset Park and Coney Island.  Whether you’re for gay rights or against them this video is powerful, insightful, informative and nothing but the truth. it’s important to educate yourself and i hope you do so through watching.

Click below. Please do it. Educate yoselffff.

J Savino Same Sex Marriage Case.  (it’s short and worth every minute of your time)

we also went a really neat beer garden which was so fun. it was great to catch up with my friends from Stout. everyone give it up for Brooke Noden who is pictured below; she just graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stout. you go girl – what an accomplishment! after four years of hard work, all nighters and maybe a little fun…. ya did it – you got that degree!!


Brooke graduated with a degree in Applied Social Science. the girl – she gets people. she gets society. she understands the differences between us all and why we’re the way we are. AKA brooke noden is one of the most intelligent, insightful and patient human beings on this planet. she gets it. she gets you. ughhh brooke noden wins for being the best human ever created.

Image 5

sunday we headed into town to go to brunch. brunching is a really serious activity on the east coast. i mean, i get it – you can brunch in the midwest too – but brunching on the east coast is what you do. you don’t not brunch. i’m such a fan especially when mimosa’s & good company are involved.

Image 3

the weekend was short but so very sweet. the time came for us to depart our ways and then out of no where brooke went all sappy on me and started to cry. why brooke, whyyyyy.

goodbyes at this point in my life are tough. we’re out here doing our thing, going our own way and as exhilarating and exciting as it is – what an awful feeling to not know when you’ll see someone next. it seems more terrifying than it ever has been at this point in life. my whole life departures with friends have gone something like “see you tomorrow in class” “see you next weekend” “see you at dinner” etc.

it’s a transition i’m starting to get used to and it’s a tough one. once again, how lucky am i to have those kind of goodbyes. i’ll froever be grateful for those. people are good. but brooke you suck for pulling that one out.

until next time dc – you were good.

xo xo



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