meet the greatest male influence in my life:


there he is… THE.DAD.OF.ALL.TIME!!!

does your dad answer every facetime call of yours, even knowing that you’ll just make him follow the dog around, hold up the ipad and listen to you talk to the pup 98% of the whole call?


i told you, my dad wins.

my dad wins because he has a heart of gold. seriously, the sweetest, most kind heart in the world.

he wins because he has dealt with me. those grey hairs my dad has – yeahhhhhhhhhhhh….. there’s that one hair because of that one time i totaled the car he worked so hard for and when i broke the handle off my car door (don’t ask) and he came to me in freezing temperature to fix it and that time i got a flat tire and called him bawling and the time i lost my car keys all the way in wisconsin. a few more grey hairs for that time i burnt a whole in our carpet because i left my hair straightener on and for that time i left my shoes out and he tripped down the stairs causing him to sprain his ankle. some more hair loss for those twenty minute showers and leaving my bedroom light on all the time. maybe a few more for BLARING my super inappropriate rap music for the whole neighborhood to hear that made him cringe. maybe some more for that one time i said i was having a few friends over and it turned into the entire graduating class of 2009…. and then there was that time i dented the truck one day and the very next day i ripped off the side view mirror.. woops. he may have some due to me always rubbing my fingers in his bald spot to remind him, that he is balding. or those times i thought it was SOOO FUNNY to text him things like “Dad, I got in trouble and need $500.00 in my bank account, ASAP” or “Hey Dad, don’t be mad but i’m in jail” and for all those dance recitals i made him sit through – bless his heart. for all those times i misplaced the remote and blamed it on the 5th child named; ‘not me’.

sadly, the list goes on an on an on.

you see, he wins. still claiming me as his child after everything i’ve put him through – he wins at everything. 

my dad beats every single gps out there. you’re lost? call my dad – he will know exactly where you are and how to get you to where you need to be. it’s freaky how good he is at that. my dad’s k bars are OUT OF THIS WORLD. an entire pan doesn’t last more than ten minutes in the the hoeschen house (not an exaggeration) and his carmel popcorn – puhleaseeee, nothing compares. my dad is A POWERHOUSE and beats every other 50 year old out there. just so you know that if my dad ever asks you to go for a bike ride…he really means you’re going for a 15 mile, pedal to the medal, him screaming: “let’s go” – furthest thing from a leisure bike ride. if he says “i’m going to clean up” he means full on, clean the house – scrub the floors, shampoo carpets, etc. When you go to the gym with him, watch out – he’ll be on a machine full power and full resistance for a full hour and don’t be fooled if he says “my back hurts” because, that’s not stopping him. Also, when he was 49 and I was 21, he beat me in a 5k – so there’s that. Give it up for Al who ran a whole 5k in a Santa Costume one year.

he’s the best company. i’ve dated a lot this last year and i blame my dad for setting my standards too high. going to happy hour and/or appetizers with him, is the best. he loves the conversation and letting you know exactly what he thinks about everything. he wants to know exactly what is going on with you and your opinion about everything. shout out to you dad, you’re one heck of a date. he knows every single laid back – good beer/food place in america, i swear. i really miss that about my dad, those days he would take me to do cool stuff and to super neat, really hip places for a burger and beer. or those nights he’d grill out on the deck, with good music. he’s really good at listening. i think my mom has trained him well, do you know my mom? she could talk your ear off and good luck trying to change her mind and my dad…he just sits there, listening. he’s such a good listener. he’s really good at knowing a lot. my dad knows a lot about everything, sometimes i wonder how he knows all those things.  mostly i wonder how he knows how to fix EVERYTHING. he’s such a jokester. oh! he’s the best at phone calls. i look forward to my dad’s phone calls every single week…being so many miles away – i am always updated on what’s happening. his text messages are what i live for. usually i spend a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what they say ….

best one yet:

“gd 4 u lo kp mvng fwd”

translation: good for you lo, keep moving forward.

i owe a lot to my dad. because of my Dad, i know how to support people i care about in my life and to be reassuring to them. my dad is always saying ‘how proud he is’ and ‘how he gets goosebumps’ from something – he tells me i over exaggerate and am so dramatic about my feelings but the truth is – i get it from him. he’s taught me the importance of being there for others, by always being there to support me. thanks to my dad i know how to be generous. i am realizing the rareness of generosity more than ever lately. my dad and i don’t see eye to eye on everything, but i’ll always appreciate him pushing me to voice my own and further my reasoning, it’s taught me how to stand my own.

thank you for teaching me everything i know and molding me to be the most perfect human being i am today 😉

mostly, i’m just proud of my dad. everything that he does for his family is unreal. it’s indescribable. i’m proud of who he has made himself to be today. i’m so proud to be his daughter and i couldn’t be more proud to call him dad.

so here’s to you papa hoeschen. the most fun guy and favorite man in the world, thank you for being you – you’ve taught me more about this life than you’ll ever know. i think you’re cool and hip, even if you are 50 and balding. happy happyday!

my dad for the win. game over.




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