It’s here.

I cannot believe it – I cannot. This morning I sent my boys off to their very last day of school. You know what’s so amazing? How much kids can accomplish in a year. It’s UNREAL how much my boys have done and learned. I’m so so proud of them!

on another note…. it marks a whole entire year of me knowing my little men and making my move here. Is that crazy or what? freaky how fast time flies when you’re having fun 😉

a whole entire year in my new home.


new canaan has been such a beautiful home for me this last year. what an opportunity it is to move somewhere you know no one and nothing about; to be able to find the beauty a place has to offer.  it’s true that not all those who wonder are lost. in fact if anything, this last year i’ve learned that being curious and wondering, only good can come. the world is so good. 

this last weekend was a good one.

went to the new canaan farmers market. there are really rad vendors. check it out here!


Sunday I headed to Brooklyn.

Yeah, Brooklyn – Brooklyn is maaaah place.



went to this super adorbs. place for brunch. i’d recommend it to anyone as it is easy to find being right near the happenings of Williamsburg. It’s a 3 minute walk from the Brooklyn Flea, close to the heart of thrifting in BK and the food & patio are kick booty. Thumbs up to Two Door Tavern.

ps. they serve red velvet pancakes.

then we headed over to Berry Park and our way look what I stumbled across…


Remember this?

Ok, probably not. This was in my very first Brooklyn blog entry! i went to the surf bar last summer and it was the first spot i hit in brooklyn with sydeny and kaitlin!  I got some serious good vibes from seeing that.

The Surf Bar is cool you guys – the floor is sand and the drinks are cute and there are tiki lights every where. Look at their website again here if you didn’t the first entry!


So. Let’s talk about Berry Park.

I’d been wanting to check this place out for a while now and it was the perfect day to do it.

the rooftop is on top of it’s game. great view of manhattan, big, open, lots of tables and a chill atmosphere. it’s also the number one soccer bar in Brooklyn – annnnnnnd the World Cup is going on…… it was a good place to be.


I’ve been to a few Brooklyn rooftops now and Berry Park may be the winner thus far.

We met up with my girl Sydney who rocks. She has yellow hair right now. She rocks. She’s going to Thailand for fun at the end of July and has no idea what she’s doing. Sydney rocks my socks off my feet and into outer space.

It’s fun to meet up with people my age in the city because our conversations usually are about how much nyc rocks, boys, travel and being lost in life. they’re interesting conversations to say the least.

i’ll just reiterate what was happening:

i was in brooklyn. in such good company. eighty degrees on a rooftop. view of manhattan and a fruity summer drink in my hand.

life was good sunday. 

and it got better when it ended with a shake shack shake.


i’m convinced those shakes cure all world problems.

happy day to you and happy summer to me.

and remember the world is good.




ps. the blog is under some serious renovation. so stay tuned!


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