welp. summer vacation is here for the harris boys, and this nanny is exhausted. 

my summer goal for the boys and me is to adventure to what’s right in front of us. i have this big problem with everything that is offered to us today. as i do think it is great and for the better good having it all – it’s also this vicious impact on our imaginations and creativity i think. wow, i sound old, but i always tell my boys “when i was your age we would play box car children in the silos on my uncle’s farm for hours on end and we would run around playing night games or be outside making up games….” and they don’t seem interested. jeez, kids these days, i’ll tell ya what – they’re something else. 😉

basically. i just think everything is too accessible to us that it’s made it difficult to not get sucked in and forget about all THE SUPER COOL things in our own backyard. i want us to invent our own games and ideas. i think it’s good for all of us. 

so far. we’ve been doing good. we’ve been doing great.



my job is the real deal. it’s exhausting, it’s a lot of hard work and the hours are a lot. i have my days and my boys have their days that i have to deal with. kids are tough, who would have ever thought?

but there is never a day that goes by where i don’t think to myself how freaaaaking lucky i am to be doing what i’m doing. to have such an influence and direct impact on a human being – a child, it’s a remarkable feeling. what an incredible opportunity to be part of. it’s what i am most passionate about – making an impact on our children and shaping them into kind, bright and powerful individuals. 

kids need to be reassured that exploring and being curious is a powerful tool. it’s helps us grow and learn. 

i think that we all need to be reminded of that, more than we think. 

explore. be curious. adventure. take a walk and get some fresh air. pursue your creativity. wonder. get lost. 

it’s healthy. 

when was the last time you explored your own backyard, what’s right in front of you? 









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