first, hi.

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this is my favorite face mask. it’s heaven. (you can find out more about beauty products i use and random happenings here!)

warning this post may be a lot but i’m going for it, yolo.


life is unreal.

life is so unreal.

i can’t get over it.

you know when you’re just like – wtf, how did i end up so lucky? me. all the time.

look around you. look at all that goodness around you. breathe that in. take note of those around you. those remarkable individuals in your life. seriously, are we not the luckiest creatures of all – to have such incredible people in our life.

people rock. some people suck, but most people rock. i’ve come to realize this the most over that last year. first year out of college is rough – i feel like so many of friendships grew apart this last year and that was a serious bummer. a real friggen bummer dude. friggen stinks x1209219308213. the reason behind it? beats me.

here’s the thing though, this last year – i have met some SERIOUSLY INCREDIBLE INDIVIDUALS.

i’m always asked this question, over and over and over again and then again:

“how do you meet people?” or “weren’t you scared to go alone?”

guys. my heart cannot. every time i hear that my heart aches so bad.

i wish it upon every single human being to travel alone. travel alone. travel alone.

when you go to a place you know nothing about, and know no one – you just, you become you.

i’m not talking study abroad with other people your age, or moving in with friends in a different state – i mean, really, fully up and moving somewhere where you know no one.

is it scary? absolutely.
can it be lonely? all the time.
is it hard? you bet.
will you find friends like at home? NO WAY
will you miss home: more than ever.

but i’m telling you, it’s better than anything you could ever imagine.

so hear me out :

when you travel alone, it’s like this spell is put on you where you all of a sudden you become so comfortable with who you are and what you’re about. you may feel that now where you are in life – but when you travel to somewhere, it’s even a better feeling. and how cool is it to feel that way. so good.

i just want every single human being to know this: YOU ROCK. you seriously rock. if there is one doubt in your mind about meeting someone new, or you overthink it too much – stop. stop it right now and get over yourself. just fucking do it.

do it because you’re worth it. sometimes i think society sucks in the way that we are shaped to think “will it be weird?” “is this awkward?” or whatever. maybe it’s not society to blame but those cliques or what you see in movies where you just hang out with one crowd is S3Ri0USLY STOOOOOOOPID.

how stupid to think like that. to have such a mindset is cruel. because you, you are stellar. every single person in this world has something to offer and if we just embrace that, no matter what it is – and look with open eyes, listen with an open ear – you’ll realize too that people are neat, including you. especially you. if you meet someone who is completely different from you – couldn’t be more opposite – what an opportunity! how fun is that, to meet someone who lives in the same world as you but see’s it so differently.  cool!

i guess where i’m going with this is that the people i have met that last few weekends have been out of this world.

a few weekends ago i met someone new, we got to talking (for 5 min) and he said, “i like to sail” i said “great, let’s sail” and the next day, HE TOOK ME SAILING. on the sound. with a few beers and the sun was shining. i cant get over it. it i’m still trying to figure out if it was real life or not.

i met a friend and we went on a few outings in NYC, one of which we went to bareburger (my favorite) and i know i blogged about this before, but he ordered three entrees, three. anywho, everytime we have hung out he has talked about his soccer career and i didn’t think anything of it because i could care less about soccer until last time when he casually said “my agent called, and i’m leaving for italy on saturday” and then i choked on the ice cube i had in my mouth and said “wait, what” yes folks, he’s playing for italy so when you watch the world cup in four years – just remember that, that happened.

and then this week i met a new friend and we went out for some super awesome conversation and i got home and noticed that i looked like this:Image 1

paint all over. and then i also looked in the mirror after and realized i had the most disgusting hair because it had been 3 days since i had showered.

and on the 4th of July my friend Mad and i were laying around when a new friend i met a while ago messaged me he was at a rooftop in brooklyn and invited us to come. you bet i responded in .02 seconds saying “DONE” and we met some pretty awesome people.

when i was in colorado visiting some friends you know what i did – i went to brunch with someone i had never really met. she was a friend of a friend of a friend and guess what – she rocked. i learned so much about her, and her story. so cool.

and then there was that time i met that guy who designed door locks. did you forget that people design and put so much time and effort and a lot of work into door locks? me too. what a cool way to learn about how door locks are made.

my point is to let go. get out of your comfort zone and push yourself. explore and expand your horizons. get to know people because people are rad.

i can’t say it enough – you are awesome. you are so cool and i want everyone in this world to know you. don’t short yourself.

will every hangout or person you meet go smoothly? hell no. big wooooop.

i’ve mastered the line “hey, my friend just texted me and i gotttta go”

who cares.

just go do you. be you and show every person what you’re about because you’re cool.

travel alone. and don’t you for a second worry about meeting people or being lonely because, DUDE. you have it.

the people you meet while you’re traveling are on point. they get it.

was this post aggressive?

my bad.






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