monday morning, and silence.

so weird.

that’s right. friday, i dropped mikeman off at camp and all of a sudden full on tears began streaming, as i hugged him goodbye. yes, i know – i’m pathetic but him & his brother’s left me for California and then camp for four whole weeks.

what am i going to do? i have no idea.

after pulling myself together i hopped on a train and was ready for the weekend. i entered grand central and RAN to my very favorite NY spot – Bryant Park Grill for happy hour with Maddie.  Let me just take a quick moment to obsess.

this place is in the heart of nyc and i can’t remember a weekend i didn’t stop there. it’s a dream and it’s beautiful and it’s so fun and pretty and you have to go and there are always people, happy happy people there. (i probably just won for the worlds longest run on sentence there)

we met new friends (really really rad new friends) and agreed to see them same time, same place next friday. i’m telling you –  it’s where you need to be. it’s the place to be. is it Friday yet?

After a while, mad (madawg, madcool, whatever you want to call her) and i were off to Philadelphia.


Last fall I met JT through a mutual friend in NYC. We hit a bunch of shows in Brooklyn together, they were cool. So far,  i had yet to make it out to Philly, but when he moved into a SUPER AWESOME RENOVATED DREAM COME TRUE STRAIGHT OUT OF A MOVIE WAREHOUSE PLACE, i immediately booked a bus ticket and made it happen.


friday night he took us to this great spot right around the corner from him. we had a few beers, good conversation and I ran into a guy wearing a TC hat, so life was pretty good.

and then, i started talking to this girl – and get this:

7 years ago her family moved from London to Menomonie, WI.

my heart had never been more sad for someone. don’t get me wrong, Menomonie, WI was so good to me for 4 years of my life – the most fun and wild place i know to this day. i do think menomonie has a lot to offer. it’s unique cute and quaint. but how someone could spend more than 4 years there, or think that moving from London to there is a good idea – beats me.

how cool though to run into a complete stranger in Philadeplphia who knows about Menomonie, WI.

It’s a small world y’all.

played tourists all day saturday.


the gang at Love Park . a really fun, neat, cool gang.

we’re separated for the week but will reunite this next weekend already to see my baby boo boyfriend material Cashmere Cat in NYC together – thank gooodness.

(it’s the MoMa Ps1 Warm up event in NYC. i’ve been dying to make it there all summer long. have you heard of it? check it out here!)


first ever cobblestone. neat.



Independence Hall

honestly, i had never realized how historical Philadelphia was. walking around the city and seeing all of the history about our country was really cool. from the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, First Bank, First Post Office etc. I was blown away. you could spend all day in Old City learning.

Philly had a real hipster feel to it – which was unexpected, but not at all upset about it. So much culture there too. Philly, ya hit the jackpot and I can’t wait to come see you again.


If you go to Philadelphia, go to Redding Market. favorite part of the entire trip, may be due to the fact it’s a market full of amazing, out of this world food. Insane, would be an understatement.

traveling wins. it wins. walking around Saturday, my heart was happier than ever. when i’m surrounded by a place and people i’ve never seen – you know all is right in the world. get out there folks, see the world.

i can’t say it enough. new places and new people are all that matters. go do it.

after the day, we went back to JT’s….


IMG_2821 IMG_2823

MK. the most fun woman in the whole entire universe. the one who lives in DC, studying law. the one who when you meet her you just know, she’s the definition of a good time.


the most fun gang you’d ever meet. ever ever ever.


see, so fun.

shout out to that RPI crew who has been so good to me ever since moving to the east side of the country. i think i’ve met an RPI student every weekend i’ve lived here and they are good people. such good people. 

and then i asked Barbosa to snap a picture of us because when MK, Kait and Khowe are present – the moment needs to be captured. it just has to be, because those girls rock,

anyway these are the only pictures we got:

IMG_2814 Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset    IMG_2805 IMG_2803       IMG_2789 IMG_2788    IMG_2773 IMG_3013  

seems to me like he should take up photography. thanks alex.


reunited and it felt so good.


anyways, you guys – traveling is fun.

traveling beats anything and everything. you know what the best part is, crossing it off that bucket list of yours. it’s a good reminder that you’re living – you’re doing it.

Philadelphia was a complete blast and I think if you get the opportunity to check it out, don’t miss out.

the upcoming weeks i’m really looking forward to actually. after this week,i’ll be heading to MN for a straight 10 days – that hasn’t happened since I moved here. i cannnnot wait, cannot.  then my boys come home to me and then school starts. SUMMER SLOW YOUR ROLL. 

happy monday from me, and no one else at the harris house because i’m alone for four weeks and  that has never happened and i am going to go facetime my babes because i miss them so much already. also i am going to go to yoga on a paddle board this week at the sound. doesn’t that sound soooooo impossible, but also sooo fun?







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