so lately, as i’m sure you know from my recent posts – i’ve been on such a high lately. my life is out of control – so good. 

i’ve also had some serious lows. life has thrown me a few pretty cruel curveballs. you know what’s funny about curveballs, is that – we know they’re coming. we may not see them – but they’re part of life and so why can’t we see them coming? we’ve gone through them over and over again, but yet – they always throw us for a loop.

life is funny that way.

anyways yesterday was one of these days. these days – they happen – to everyone.

so here’s my one rant for this post:


enough about that because then, all of a sudden….

i was on my way to Bryant Park.

and my beautiful wonderful bless her heart friend was there – with my very favorite candy bar and all was right in the world.


seriously. friend of the year award.

after a glass of wine, my friend had to leave to go to her kickball game.

so there i sat alone and this was my view:

Image 1

dooooood. i love opportunity. especially an opportunity to embrace new people. learning about people is all i care about. ok, maybe not ALL i care about. i do care about my dog riley, justin bieber and wine but – mostly, just learning new things from new people.

i mingled around a bit, and then i started talking to this girl who looked about my age and the point of the story is:

she is a dental hygienist in new york city. 

(do you know my best friends Abby & Samantha? they’re studying to be dental hygenist right now in MN and they will be out in NYC in three weeks)

i hopped right on that opportunity. we exchanged numbers and are planning to hang out this weekend. i made her agree to join me and my cousins when they are out here – since they are all in that program. look at that connection i just locked in.

people are pretty amazing. what people can do for us, without even knowing. this girl had no idea what kind of day i had just had. she knew nothing about me other than i am obsessed with Jay Z (usual topic of conversation with me) and she had no idea that meeting a new person, is my jam. 

where am i going with this?

i guess i could have hopped on that next train back to CT and be so bummed and sad at that moment. don’t you go shaking your finger at me, because we all have been there. those times where you just reflect on everything that is wrong in your life. why do we have those days? when it finally was time to hit the train – you’re absolutely right, i was a mess and being a mess is ok sometimes – we have to feel the way we feel. 

BUT before i went into that sad sappy stupid mode, i knew i had to take care of myself. i needed to what makes me happy, what puts me at ease. i needed to remind myself that life is silly. it throws us all over the place and when it knocks us down, we need to get back up. for me that’s opening my mind and embracing what and who comes my way because people lift me higher. they are my tick.

is this girl my new life long bestie forever? i’m guessing not at all. but, did she open a door with opportunity? she sure did. did i learn something new? yeah i learned a lot about the dental hygiene program and what it’s like being one in NYC and i learned about how she met her boyfriend, and about her family. so that was rad. surrender yourself to what could, would or had been and find beauty in what is.

open your mind and open your heart. 

oh, and then i got home after reflecting on all those freaking curveballs and ‘feeling the way i feel’ and got this picture message:

Image 2

and then my heart filled up plump full with so much happiness because that guy up there (the one with the mullet, mix matched everything with a pink hat on) he’s my favorite and there are no words to describe what he has done for me by just being him. people rock. 

life will hit us hard at times yo. it will throw us around, but life also has a way of taking care of us. we can’t control what comes our way, but we have complete control over how we finish the game.

or i guess to be a good writer i should wrap it up with concluding with the whole curveball thing, right? isn’t that what were supposed to do.. introduction and conclusion should relate. thank you 5th grade Mr. Gribble for that.

actually – i don’t even know how to pull any of this together. wow. i’m the world’s worst writer. wow wow wow. all i can think of is my superstar professional writer sister shaking her head in awe at how terrible this is right now.

good thing i’m about to go grab a coffee and hit up some yoga. (THE CURE TO EVERYTHING)







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