hi guys. ten days ago, i flew to Minnesooooooota, and i’m laying here back in Connecticut trying to determine if they were real or if i was dreaming. If I really did go to Minne, did i even blink?


IMG_3264  IMG_3266


^^ EmKaus bought a house. she bought a house!!


i really missed sammy and was so happy she got to spend some time wit her main eAsTcOaster!

IMG_3285 IMG_3301

went to the lake with some of my very best pals. not even realistic how much fun i had.

IMG_3309 IMG_3322 IMG_3330

went to Libertine, 4 times – solely for the ‘Yes Please’ martini. guys, it’s taaadieee4. IMG_3344

IMG_3356having cousins is rad. having cool cousins is even more rad. having cool schnieder cousins is the raddest.

IMG_3362 IMG_3367

saw Brookie and her new love of her life, louie. you know what, brooke rocks. the most beautiful heart in the world.


that time riley wouldn’t look at the camera, so we bribed him with a brownie. IMG_3399

had the greatest time sitting on the patio with the most wonderful people. seriously, family is all that matters. i constantly am wondering how i ended up with the best famjam, ever.  the support from my family is out of the world. i literally wish it upon everyone to have the kind of family i have.




highlight of the week was seeing my dearest friend Brian. guys, Bdawg is the coolest guy on this earth. he leaves tomorrow for Australia. what’s he doing there? all he knows is that he is staying in a hostel the first night, and nothing else. actually, he knows he has to make his flight home – from paris – in decemeber. what a cool adventure. and then we (he) tried to figure out how to change his oil – what another fun adventure.

IMG_3412Riley & Blaker.IMG_3411

IMG_3417  IMG_3428

went to the Uptown Tavern and Stouties had taken over. they were everywhere and it was so fun running into them. Stouties are a unique crowd. the most real, genuine and fun people go to UW-Stout & so running into them is a treat . the four years i spent there were not real what so ever. there is no way you can have that much fun. seeing college buds, is like the best thing ever. IMG_3443

ran into two of my roommates. how fun. seriously, what is life.


attended the most beautiful wedding on saturday.



IMG_3464  IMG_3501IMG_3525IMG_3539IMG_3540

love is real. what an incredible couple and beautiful day. Steph & D, one heck of a party ya threw.



Image 1


it was a blast of a wedding. high school peeps, college fraaanz and new york homies.

so that was minnesota. along with lots of caribou runs, dinner dates and running around with my head chopped off. it was non stop. life is kind of fun being non stop.

being home is so special to me, especially now being far away. those moments with those who are closest to me are hard to be away from. shout out to every single human being in my life – you are incredible. ya give me goosebumps, that’s how much you mean to me.

life is one crazy adventure and i hope you’re enjoying the ride as much as i am.

sending love to where ever you are.









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