hi from cloud nine.

really. hi from up here. i’m not sure i’ll ever come down, come join me; it’s rad up here.

if you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you know that my summer has been so good, it’s silly. stupid silly how good it’s been. i feel like i shouldn’t blog about what i’m up to because my life this summer has been – better than yours. i’m not a fan of braggers, but here’s your warning…. this is an all hands on board bragging post because this last weekend was the best yet. my very best friends came to the east side for a visit. new york with visitors is the most fun thing in the whole wide world.

how did i end up so lucky? you tell me.

the gals flew into new york wednesday night, stayed and thursday morning made the trek from NYC to New Canaan. Although, it’s a short, simple, trek – there’s a few subway transfers, then onto the train and another transfer, which – for out of towners, is flipping overwhelming. that subway system guys, is nuts. i sent them directions and crossed my fingers and held my breath – an hour later, they arrived in New Canaan! They did it which, means that basically, they were pro east coasters already the first day of their trip. so far so good.

i picked them up at the train and  we had our ten minute freak out with hugs, kisses, screaming, wooo hoo’s and then our adventure began.

ps. those moments when those freak outs happen when you’re reunited or so happy, are good. i think we should do those more often. how fun, to feel that way. those are the moments that count. those times when you think to yourself, “wow life rocks”

we spent the day around New Canaan. I’m so proud to be in New Canaan. Ever since i’ve been back (which was like 4 days), I’ve been so happy to be here. I was even more happy to show my fellow minnesotans my digs for the last year and a half. i sometimes forget how different and unique New Canaan is, i’ve become so accustomed and comfortable here – having guests remind me how lucky and at home I am.

i took them to my favorite margarita place (of course, the first place on my list to find when I moved here) in town – Tequila Mockingbird. 


when you come to new canaan, i’ll take you to tequila mockingbird.


and then we did my most favorite thing. we ordered take out from Bodega (look at this menu, seriously how could you not) came back to mahhh cribb, drank wine, watched the sunset and talked about everything and anything but mostly about how we’ve turned into our moms. uhh ohh.

IMG_3596 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

guys. having these girls in my life is the most lucky thing that has happened to me. the universe has put me in such good hands, i can’t believe it. these women have blessed me in more ways than you’d know. they’ve been there for me since i came out of the womb. seriously, they’re the strongest most beautiful chica’s on planet earth. we’ve done our fair share of traveling, we’ve been in different cities, states and countries and that bond we have, is always alive. there isn’t a week or day that goes by where we don’t talk. obsessed with each other? maybe. this is a terrible description, because i’m not sure how to describe the relationship between us, but it just is.  with that, having my very best friends come all the way to my side, meant the entire world to me.

we then stayed up drinking wine, waaaaay later than we should have. why does that ALWAYS happen? ughh. worth it.

friday we were up and at it (sorta after some coffee and lots of water) and headed into the big apple.

it was here! it was here! finally in my favorite place with my favorite people.

we started off with lunch at Chelsea Market


the most beautiful, yet overwhelming place. if you’ve been – tell me how in the world you decide what to get? the food options are out of control.


Abs opted for an alcohol infused popsicle. surprise, or no surprise? you tell me.


the end of chelsea market is awesome and unfortunately, lots of people miss it. it’s awesome because once you’ve stuffed your face with unbelievable food – you enter this incredible market with tons of vendors. we browsed and browsed some more – shop til ya drop yo. life motto. not really. but don’t forget to make it to the end when you visit chelsea market, ok? this market, is really flipping cool. a cool find this time around was a woman with her body line. she had hot wax that we dipped our hands into and then you massage it all over your body, which is basically the equivalent to heaven so that was that.

then, it was up to the high line. MAHHHH FAV SPOT EVER.


before the girls came, we spent lots of time going over what kind of trip they wanted.

hint hint: you can’t conquer that city in a weekend. you can’t conquer that city in five years. you really have to pick and choose what you want to happen, it’s too big and i’ll love NYC forever because of that. 

they both agreed they wanted the lauren new york vs. the typical tourist trip. HOLLLA TO THAT. MAHHH GIRLS PULLING THROUGH.

first up on my list was the high line because, it’s da bomb.com. a hot spot for new yorkers to hang out, chill and enjoy the day.



i’ve been wanting to find this mural, since before i even moved out east. you’re probably thinking – why haven’t i made it happen yet? well, i’m a pretty serendipitous person. i don’t like plans, i like adventure and getting lost. i like certain things to just happen. life’s more fun that way, i think. i knew at some point, i’d run into that mural and this last weekend, we ran into it. cooool dooood.

read about it here!

annnnnnnnd then, it had to happen – Times Square.


every new yorker’s worst nightmare. however – you gotta cross it off the bucket list. ya just gotta do it. so we held our breath, and went for it. we absolutely stopped at the 5 FLOOR FOREVER 21. worth it.



my love for this spot is probably unhealthy and obsessed would be an understatement. i’m telling you though, it’s the place to be. the vibes, the atmosphere and that sangria – you can’t go wrong. the girls loved (mostly all the really attractive nyc business men) it.



as we were leaving, samantha said ” lolo, let’s come back tomorrow”

bless your heart sambam.

other friday happenings: Mangolia Bakery soley for the Smore’s Cupcake. K. worth the 15 minute wait in check out.  Rockefeller Plaza. Madison Square Garden, Penn Station. 

friday night we headed to Boat Basin. I hadn’t been before but had been wanting to check it out.

first timer, but wasn’t my last.

like looook at this:

BoatBasin Arial

unreal yo.

the hiltner girls were center of attention. they were the hot commodity. everyone wanted to know them. those ‘minnesotans dontchya know’

what i wanted them to experience this trip, was the magic and energy of the city. this place did just that. they were able to meet some pretty remarkable individuals who couldn’t express enough how magical the city was. we were talking to a group of people who later they told us we were surrounded by all the head honchos of google, geicho and yahoo and then they gave us full permission to say; “yeah, just put it on corporate tab” annnnd so, that was coolio.  at one point our new friend said

“look around you. everything and anything is possible here.” 

touche my friend. touche.

going to new york city? go to Boat Basin.

Saturday, we we’re up and at it again. Took the homies to CYC Fitness. All i’m saying about CYC Fitness is that it wins at everything. tops everything in the universe.  If I keep writing about it, I won’t stop so click and watch this.

point proven.


took the ladies to Hester Street Fair, which i’ve been wanting to check out all summer.

So before you read anything else; look here!

don’t short yourself – click it. 

all those vendors. yeahhhhhhhh, go to the Hester Street Fair.


there’s Cake Batter Martini Ice Cream there. did you read that right? Cake Batter Martini Ice Cream. HOLLLA.

then we hit Soho, hard. I didn’t snap any pictures of SoHo, but if you want an idea – look here. It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan. There is so much going on, at all times. Again, we had to limit ourselves because we had a lot to accomplish – but we hit Broadway (all the shops) and hit it hard. We kept our eyes open for Beyonce, because she likes it there – but no luck this time around. I’m keeping the faith though, it’ll happen.

Making a trip to SoHo? It can be seriously overwhelming with all the stores, here are some of my favorites:

All Saints 




Brandy Melville

DASH (have to)

we ended in Greenwich Village at Popbar.


ahhhhhh sooooo likeeee make that happen during your trip to NYC.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Saturday night, we hit MeatPacking District. My boss has been on my butt ever since I moved out here to make it to the MeatPacking District. He RAVES about it, along with everyone else and their mom.

Well boss man, I did it.

He literally wrote down a list of places to check out. Meatpacking is a neighborhood in the city full of high class bars, restaurants and clubs. First on the list was a fancy shmancy dinner place, Callichio and Sons. Unreal, once in a lifetime experience. Wow.

The Standard Biergarten  (America’s most popular bar 2013)


Brass Monkey


VIP Room


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Check out my Pinterest board here to learn more about them and more about MeatPacking. You’ll like it.

sunday we started off with a really healthy breakfast at Waffles and Dinges


heart attack waiting to happen, but we went all in. nom nom nom. these trucks are all over the city, so be sure to stop and try!! heaven in your mouth.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset



the most beautiful woman. sambam has the heart of gold. that energy and wit, all her dad. spitting image of her papa. every time she’s around, it’s like life is punching me in the gut saying “be more like Samantha, be more like Samantha”


once we crossed, we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, and OBVIOUSLY picked up Shake Shack. you can’t go wrong with shake shack and what kind of host would i be to NOT introduce the ladies to Shake Shack, come on.

so there we were. my best friends, in brooklyn bridge park, looking at the manhattan skyline shoving my face with the most delicious juicy shake shack burger and life was alright.

don’t you even worry yourself, it got better.

Mister Sunday.

AHHHHH. i’ve been wanting to check this out since day 1.

i know i know, i keep redirecting you – but please look at this:

mister sunday rules

i wanted this to be the last thing the girls did. the vibes and atmosphere at mister sunday, are out of this world. so happy and kind. that’s all i can say about it. we just danced our boootys off to groovy music, with good people and good company, and in brooklyn.



you know those moments in life where you think to yourself “this is it, i’m living. i’m feeling it. shooot, time is going. no! wait, time stop right here!!” that’s mistersunday.

the happiest, most best vibes in all the world at this place. you’re in this sea of people who are literally the happiest you’ve ever seen. groovy beats and not a care in the world.

what a weekend. what a frickin weekend.

happiest day to everyone. my hope is that you, you and those that matter to you feel alive. you explore, you adventure. you get outta town and have a memorable weekend, day, heck – hour. because, this last weekend was just that for me and i wish it upon every single human being.






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