8 Things Everyone In Their 20s Needs To Chill Out About

Thought Catalog

Holly LayHolly Lay

Look, I’m sympathetic to the fact that we all are chasing our best life. But guys, let’s just hold hands and hug this shit out. We’re making ourselves crazy. Remember when our 20s were for making bad decisions and poisoning our bodies? Now, we’re all trying to perfect our 20s. Let’s just live!

1. Travel as a means to ULTIMATE FULFILLMENT
Look, I traveled and I get it, for many it was a transformative experience, but can we all chill out on telling other people they must travel if they want to do x, y, z things? You can be happy and fulfilled and purposeful without backpacking around Europe. You can open your mind and understand that people are essentially the same (we all want to be loved) everywhere in the world without stepping on a plane. Not to be all cliche or anything, but the entirety of…

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