a whole entire month without blogging, who am i?

i’m so sorry about that – but, life has really been getting in the way lately. it’s been so crazy over here, i’m sure you’d understand. so crazy that it’s been the direct cause of the last two friday night’s bedtime of 8pm. besides from having lame bedtimes as of late; i’ve continued to have had the time of my life.  here’s what i’ve been up to:

one weekend, i crossed three things off my bucket list. three things in one weekend, how does that happen?!

item number one: roadtrip.

my dearest most sweet friends emily and chloe took me to their hometown of Hamiltion, New York which could also be mistaken for being straight out of a movie. the town was unreal, absolutely unreal. i captured the entire town in one picture.


seriously, that’s it.

we drove up friday night and boy, did i forget how fun roadtrips are. especially with your girlfriends and when you’re stuffing your face with take out pizza and singing at the top of your lungs to great throwback jams, on back roads – it’s like life is screaming to you “i love you so much, so here i’m spoiling you.”

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

emily’s house she grew up in is the most darling home i’ve ever seen.

bucket list number two: upstate new york.


each year, her parents throw a horseshoe tournament. it was the 14th annual this year and let me tell ya folks – it was something like i’d never seen. it was a day filled of fellas, beer and lots of fun and food. Bucket list item numero tres was the dinner when they served…. clam. EEEEk, clam!  something i’ve been nervous to try, but i wasn’t going to pass up my chance. unfortunately (but fortunately), no pictures of proof we’re taken. some woman did take a video – but i have yet to get my hands on it…. thankfully.

IMG_3894 IMG_3897

the day was topped off with a few of the players dominating the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. what a gosh darn hoot. hubba hubba.

upstate was great. too often when i hear new york, i only think of the city. did i ever tell you that my neighbors down the road live in new york? new york has stolen my heart once again, this time – thanks to upstate. everywhere we went and everything we did went something like “Thats my brothers, friends, cousins, ex she dated in high school and now is married to the other cousin of so and so” it.was.freaky. the whole town knows everything about everything. it was the most surreal, tinniest, quaint and nice community – ever.

next up: first day of school. 


i missed t man, but bob and mike were so into it – not. i can’t believe my babes are a whole year older and wiser already. i have had the most gosh darn last year and a half watching these fella’s grow and learn. mikeman is now a first grader. a first grader, already! time is flying.  Robert is now in sixth grade and is mr. smarty pants in all AP classes and advanced math courses. T man, is now in 7th grade and a whole new hallway of the school – he says it’s way more mature and less annoying because his brother Robert is still on the other side of the school. 😉

made it to Newport, RI.


memorial day, took a day trip to Newport, RI which is basically the heaven on earth. went with Emily and Tom. first, let me say that em and tom rock. goshhhhh darn it – these two have it going on. so sweet, nice and love adventure as much as i do. such genuine people with hearts of gold. they couldn’t be kinder or more loyal human beings. i’m so sorry to everyone who doesn’t know them.

they are a complete blast. love them. love love love ’em.

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that’s real. that picture is real. that’s how cool newport is. it needs to be on your ‘place to visit’ next summer. it will completely blow your mind.



this place you guys was nothing like i’d ever seen. such a happening summer town right on the atlantic ocean. more things to do than you could imagine. from the bagillion shops, boutiques and stores to the to die for seafood restaurants and shacks, to the parasailing, whale watching and being on the water opportunities, to taking a walk along the ocean to the many beaches and topping it off with a drive along the ocean whether it be by car or rental mopeds. the mansions in that town we’re like i’d never imagined. what a sight.

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read more about newport >>here<< , >>here<< and look >>here<<

Mike turned 7! 

IMG_4136 IMG_4076IMG_4252he’d been talking about his birthday since Sept. 4th of last year and finally, Sept. 3rd of this year showed up. Mike has grown up so much since i’ve known him. i feel so unfair and selfish when i pray over and over again for him to stop growing. he’s so smart now. 7 has been good for Mike, but it’s also come along with lots of attitude. We’ve been butting heads a lot lately, and every.single.thing is a battle – a constant battle. i swear to you someone is slipping him “teenager pills” or dressing him in “crabby pants”

with that, we’ve found that a late night milk shake run is the answer to everything and that it’s the best medicine for curing all bad days.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

i’ve been taking a break from the gym, in hopes of falling back in love with running. it just so happens that a friend of mine breeds labs- so he’s a good friend to have around. 🙂 we set up an agreement, which involves me running his pups 3x a week. score. i mean, just look at this pooch:


it was our first day, and this pretty girl is going to whip my boooty into shape. she completely OWNED me today. the best trainer i’d ever had.

so that’s what i’ve been up to. i hope you were able to follow along. as my sister always tells me “you’re all over the place” literally and figurativiley.

life continues to shove me in the face with the next best thing. this weekend a friend who i met in nyc is visiting after he moved to chicago, which will be fun to reunite. then the next weekend – the hoeschen sistaaaa sisters take new york together. let’s be real, life is too tooo good.

happiest day to you.




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