have you heard this? listen and watch this. it’s incedible and i’ve watched it probably 100 times. your welcome.

straight up, the best weekend i ever did have this last weekend. why does life think it always needs to spoil us?  i’m pretty sure at least a few of you are thinking to yourself, “no way, this girl cannot have had another of one of those weekends” or “she has to be exaggerating in some way” i know, i so know you guys… trust me, i don’t get it either. i’m telling you it’s true though. it’s all silly. stupid silly.

should i get to the friggin point already? ok. here we go.

friday came around and i headed to new york city. i hadn’t been to new york in a month – who am i. seriously, what is that. my heart was just longing for that place. a friend of mine was back visiting from chicago, and i couldn’t have been more excited. when i got to grand central and out onto the main concourse, all was right – this calm came over me, and i was so happy. that place, is unreal. the feeling and excitement in grand central is one i wish upon every.single.person. anything is possible the minute you step foot in that city. i’ve been there almost every weekend since i’ve moved here, and for the last year and a half that feeling has yet to escape me.

my friend’s flight was a little delayed, which meant i had a few extra minutes to head to Bryant Park… duh. remember, my favorite place ever ever evaaaaaa.


i grabbed a spot and knew i had to share this moment with my very besttt friend mr. brian patrick ashburn who is in new zealand traveling the world. brian and i have this super weird relationship about understanding the feeling of what we feel – does that make sense? maybe it’s not that he even knows how i feel, and he’s just such a good friend he totally makes me feel like he gets it. anywho, brian used to live in the city and the day he moves back there is the day i will know that life really is too good. we were sending each other pictures of our current where abouts. ya gotta do that when you both realize that you’re doing it – you’re really living life. me in new york, him in new zealand. brian and i used to talk about these crazy dreams we had and adventures we wanted to make happen back during our days as camp counselors in brainerd, mn…years ago. no idea where life would take us, but here we were – we we’re doing it. 


(convinced his where a bouts are fake and that he photoshopped himself into this background)

seriously, surround yourself with people like b dawg. people who do shit. people who go after it and make it happen. my girl amy poehler nailed it:


i keep getting off track don’t i? ugh. i’m the worst at that. ok so i was taking a picture and then this guy totally photobombed it.  i’ve never been/i’ve always wanted to be photobombed and it finally happened and so ya’ll – miracles happen.


sometimes i think i can overreact with how happy life is. a lot of times people tell me that i over exaggerate, and think about things too much. you know what though, that’s my favorite part about me. be so happy that others know how happy you are. i wish everyone did this, because how lame not to be happy. there isn’t enough happiness in the world. did you go for a walk or drink a really good glass of milk? did you work out, or finish something at work? tell the whole world dude. share that happiness and tell everyone because when you’re happy, others are happy. ripple effect yo. 

what was that, second time getting off topic? uuuuf. if you’re still with me – bless your heart. this was my weekend:

a while ago i came across this buzzfeed post:




i’m determined to make them all happen. i’ve conquered a few so far, but numbaa 4 -the banana pudding has been at the top of my list.


folks, the banana pudding from magnolia bakery is worth everything. that pudding, was heaven in my mouth. have ya ever been to Magnolia Bakery? if you haven’t, just look at this. don’t you dare be intimidated by the millions of people, shoulder to shoulder, can hardly breathe in there and minimum of a 30 minute wait to check out… it’s worth every minute of your time.

we were on a quest for sweets. or, uhhh, i was on a quest for sweets this weekend, like always. matt was such a trooper and stuffed his face silly with me. we headed over to the Momofuku Milk Bar. I’d heard about this place, seen the place and wanted to try and so we did.



ughh. so cute. i’m such a sucker for cute quaint places like this. i got the cereal milk shake.  i loved it. matt gagged and so i had his too. win win.

find out more about Momofuku Milk Bar here

next up on our, i mean, my list was Washington Square Park to check out the Arch.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.39.26 AM

this park is cool. it’s wicked cool. there were people playing chess, juggling, playing hacky sack, students filming, skateboarders, statues, people tanning, reading, talking, violinist, pianist, someone training pigeons (seriously), people doing magic tricks, interviews and sooooo much more. if you’re visiting new york, this would be at the top of my list to check out. do it do it do it.


next up we headed to one of matt’s favorite happy hour spots. which had lauren hoeschen written all over it. it’s about two blocks up and it’s rad there, really really rad. 3 Sheets Saloon 1/2 off drinks (ALL DRINKS) from 2-8pm, everyday. does that even exists anywhere else? such good jams. outdoor patio in front and back. good people, great service and just an all around chill spot. check it check it. it was good to catch up and be in good company. 🙂

ps. of course i wanted to know everyone in that place and one guy i started talking to was from North Carolina. Wilmington, NC…. where my/the best tv show ever was aired One Tree Hill. i lost my cool at the moment. isn’t that neat? he probably had seen some of the actresses/actors before and so basically that means i now i am connected to them in some way.

saturday night, we headed to Brother Jimmys. i didn’t know this but in the city there are designated state spots. for example; there is a minnesota bar where everyone who graduated from the university of minnesota meet to watch all gopher games – all year. it’s a good way to network and run into people from home that you went to school with. isn’t that the best idea ever? how come i didn’t know this existed until this weekend? tisk tisk. anyways, my friend went to miami and this place was the miami bar. it was PACKED. the chants, cheers and good vibes we’re in full force. he introduced me to a ton of his friends which was fun (you know i love new friends), i met some awesome people – aka new friends from brazil who are in fashion and so i can’t wait to see them again.

who won the game? i couldn’t tell ya, i was tooooo busy socializing. surprise surprise.


sunday, we went to The Smith for bunch. new favorite brunch spot.


Drool over the food by clicking here 

and then head over to this page here 

yum yum yum. so so yummy.

the vibes at the smith are great. it’s alive, it’s laid back and it’s so good.

we spent a few hours strolling through central park, which is the best activity in the whole wide world.


it’s real folks. it’s so real.

we sat on a bench in central park for hours getting lost in conversations about life. my favorite kind of conversation. is it just me who needs to be reminded to hold onto these moments? just sitting, embracing and being in the moment. that feels so good to me. we’re always in this rush. we’re pushed to figure it out and to get shit done. yes, i think that’s great and dandy but sometimes, it’s good to pause. to sit and be happy. pursuit of happiness. 

guys. the peoples climate march was this weekend in nyc. the peoples climate march was insane.

IMG_4346 IMG_4347

unfortunately, i had no idea what was going on prior to the march. i had never heard or been educated about peoples climate change. turns out it’s a HUGE FREEEEAKING DEAL.

i encourage every single one of you, right now to educate yourself about it here.

 More than 400,000 people turned out for the People’s Climate March in New York City on Sunday, just days before many of the world’s leaders are expected to debate environmental action at the United Nations climate summit. Early reports from event organizers are hailing the turnout as the largest climate march in history,

– Huffington Post

read the full article here

the more you know, the more you share and the better we can educate others on what needs to be done. the future is up to you – it’s our choice. what an amazing opportunity to be able to witness that march happening right infront of my eyes. people who are changing the world. goosebumps were in full effect and i’ve never been more humbled or proud. proud of those who are fighting for the future of the world. proud of those who are voicing for the good of the earth. the world is in good hands.

if you didn’t read, here’s another chance — click here.

here’s what i have to leave you with:

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

happy happy day you guys. be happy.




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