hi. hi from hank and i.


this may be the most fun post i ever have posted. anna jean anna jean came east 🙂 you know when your sister comes into town, and it’s just like – yes, yes everything in the world is right – that’s what it was like.


the woman arrived in my hood thursday afternoon.

i’ve decided my most favorite thing in the world is when someone dear to me hops off that train in new canaan, ct. it’s the best feeling ever.

after lots of screaming, jumping up and down, smiles and hugs our adventure began.


anna looking like a true new canaan’er.


oh, you guys – while you’re reading this, click here

(side note: i can see how many of you actually click on my links and some of you suck because you never do. you’re missing out, and i don’t want you to miss out. how lame to miss out on something cool. i wouldn’t link something that wasn’t worth your time. stay interested, be curious. click here


we visited the Glass House in New Canaan. have you heard about it? it’s pretty neat. it’s pretty garshhhh darn famous and historic.

our tour guide even told us she can’t remember the last tour she gave that didn’t have an international visitor along. it’s a big deal, and i was so happy anna wanted to check it out.


friends, guess how much you’d have to pay to spend one night here…


yup, only $30,000 per night. fancy stuff.


the house was rad. interested in learning more?

you can learn about Phillip Johnson right here

his work is pretty amazing.

and about the house right over here


look! it’s anna in a glass house.

i wish anna was here to tell me what to write about this place. my sisssypooo has such an appreciation for architecture and the story behind it. she’s able to share the story and explain the detail with words that give it all the credit it deserves.

 me, i do to but the best i can which is this:

“it’s a glass house”

uuuuuf. ’twas much more.

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bein’ all new yorker on the high line.


headed over to the Pod at 51st street. a destination i’d been dying to check out.

a destination you need to check out.


ya’ll, it was amazeballs.

it’s a quick and easy destination spot for either a fun drink on the rooftop, a place to stay (hotel) and a good time. heck, it’s worth your time just to go to snap a pic and bounce out. located right in the heart of midtown, ya can’t go wrong.


tried The Park for the first time.

it’s so fun having people visit because it’s a good way to try my own ‘new york must do’s and see’s’ this place had been on the list for a while.

nothing less of what i’d heard about it. the atmosphere and ambiance was perfect. the food was unreal and the service rocked. i’ve heard the brunch is pretty spectacular as well.


this place has to happen during your visit to nyc. it’s gotta.

‘ooooo anahhh’ over the menu here


 Kendal Herring joined us. Kenzo is the worlds most determined and ambitious human being.

he is life. he’s what it’s about. he’s doing the dang thing.

up and moved from seattle to pursue his career in fashion and he hasn’t looked back.

the best thing about kenzo? the boy has continued to be true to his roots. the thing about new york is that  it’s the most competitive place in the world. i think that/know people lose sight of who they are because they will be anyone and do anything they have to, to make it and to stand out. unfortunately, it seems that sometimes means stepping on others or shutting others out. they forget about the ones who have supported them since day 1 and most of all, those who will continue to support them no matter what. does that make sense?

so then there are people like kenzo. people like kenzo who are well on their way and have worked their booty off. they are just getting by but continue to do so because they are determined and flipping ambitious as ever.

(kendal may also be where he is due to that attitude and sass he has. wow. the sassiest man to ever live)

 kendal has it going on. the connections and network he has is like none that i’ve ever known. since his move to new york he has made leaps and bounds with his success and furthering his career. his success at just 23 is mind blowing. yet, the guy is the dearest friend. one who will always be there. he is OBSESSED with the midwest, his family and friends. he has his head high, but his feet on the ground.

that, that is someone special. kenzo is special and one i will hold dear to my heart forevaaah.

i just luv da kid.

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met up with my friends i met last weekend. enjoyed a few adult beverages and good company and apparently was too interested in the cutie pie sitting across from me than looking at the camera. typical.


was so excited to take anna to my favorite new york staple: Russ and Daughters. we both are obsessed with it because our favorite blogger; Nat the Fat Rat is obsessed with it.

do you follow her? she’s a hoot.


i’ve never been to the place when it’s not crowded. it’s like the whole city of nyc wants that salmon bagel sandwich. it’s also a fish shop and a candy shop. so many random happenings, i can’t even.

 i love love loooooove it there.

ps. ran into this at the subway station on saturday on the way to central park:


clearly a sign that Jay Z and i are meant to be.

pss. jay z was in central park on saturday night headlining a concert. i was in central park saturday. i can’t help but think he spent saturday looking for me toooo in the park. next time, boo.

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uhhhhhhhh, did you know that President Barack Obama was in New York City on Friday?

well here’s what is crazy about that

Anna and I passed the Waldorf Astoria Hotel because that hotel is in one of our favorite movies; Serendipity. the.best.movie.ever.

here we were, looking at it and the security was out of control. like nothing i’d ever seen. neither of us thought much about it. all we knew was that someone important was in there.  later on that evening we were passing near it again when all of a sudden the streets went crazy. i mean, more crazy than you’d imagine.

SUV’s, limo’s, secret service, etc. etc came zooming by. police everywhere. security everywhere. we sorta stopped in our footsteps to look and then proceeded with our business.

fast forward to yesterday when i told my boss about it and he looked at me and said

“uhhhhhh yeah, that was President Barack Obama, Lauren, kind of a big deal”

so that’s where my life is at.

how cool. how flipping cool.

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anna jean loves her some museums.

so the cool thing about the MET is that it’s free. well, it’s donation. the exhibits are cool – at least anna told me they were.

here’s what you need to know though; there is a rooftop with the most spectacular view. 

IMG_4493  IMG_4495

so we chilled up there for a while. well, a long while because the sun was shining and the hoeschen sista’s were in nyc together.


IMG_4515 IMG_4517

headed over to brooklyn. all i care about most of the time.


spent saturday night up on my friend chloe’s rooftop.

sunday morning the most incredible experience happened.

four of us went to bar tabac and you should so go there because look, look at this


umm ya.

stayed tuned for the next bloggy post about that incredible experience that happened at this brunch.

spent the day in dumbo. i luuuuuuv dumbo.


checked out the dumbo art fair.


went to brooklyn bridge park.


that view >> everything else.


did that shake shack thing.

also shout out to that shake shack in dumbo. perfect location. it’s a few blocks from the brooklyn brdige so basically what i’m telling you is that when you cross the brooklyn bridge, head down a few blocks and stuff your face with that burger and milk shake.

if you’re feeling like you want to be extra good to yourself, head right across the street to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. i die.


seriously, the neatest little ice cream place in da whole wide world.


and then you can walk a few feet and enjoy the best treat in the world, while gazing the manhattan skyline.

and it will be at that moment, you will be the happiest you’ve ever been.

 IMG_4554 IMG_4558

oh my gosh also, we also went to the Sugar Sweet Sunshine. holy smokes.


this buzzfeed nailed it:

You guys, this chocolate chip cookie dough trifle pudding mush is off the hook. There’s something wrong with it. It’s too good. It’s a problem.” 

a serious problem. it’s heaven on earth. go there. get it and forever crave it.

took annnabanana to the neatest event in all of the land; Mister Sunday.

guys, this thing is so fun that it beats anything else that is fun.

     Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

it’s the most fun party there ever was. it starts at 3pm every sunday in industry city, brooklyn. there is phenomonal food which makes it all the better.


we ate like it was our job this weekend.

there are tons of great hang out spots to chill, talk and meet people. what a fun social outing.


there are youngsters, i mean like babies, kids of all ages, teenagers, parents, rich, poor – the works. anyone and everyone who likes a good time is at mister sunday. it’s the happiest place.

best pat about mister sunday? no phones allowed on the dance floor.

let’s vibe and be present.

it’s very brooklyn-y.


we ran into this man who had the most incredible shirt. we had to know where to get it because, well  – we needed it for our Dad.

annnnd then, i saw this man wearing this shirt


someone wearing a shirt as incredible as that, is someone worth getting to know. i immediately made my way over and introduced myself. guess what guys, the guy was from Germany.

i’ve been dying to go back to germany ever since i left. it was fate.

most embarrassing moment of the weekend: me, trying to brush up on my german speaking skills with the doood. uuuuf, it was rough. he got a kick out of it though.

IMG_4573   Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

we danced, and had a really really good time.

we danced until we couldn’t dance any longer.

seriously, like, the dj kicked us out.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

and then we had a sissypoo photoshoot.

IMG_4586 IMG_4587 IMG_4588

i just really love my sister. i love her a lot. she’s the best big sister i ever had. i’m not sure there is anyone on this planet earth more opposite from me than her. our thought process, our view and outlooks are complete opposite sides of the spectrum. we hardly every see eye to eye. she likes red grapes, i like green. she likes juices, i love carbs. she is quiet and reserved, i am crazy and loud. i have a potty mouth, i’ve never heard the girl swear. despite the differences; we mesh well. we know how to let our hair down and let be when we’re together. she’s my sister, so we kinda have to – but, i wouldn’t change it for anything. i like it.

we had the most fun weekend and i can’t believe it’s already over.

ugh. slow your roll life.

so you know that link i told you to click earlier?

this one

what’d ya think?

Kyle was our CYC Fitness instructor on Saturday morning. he’s the bomb.com. i’m telling you, you need to go to CYC Fitness when you’re in new york. book a class with kyle, because kyle will change your life.  if that doesn’t convince you then look at him here.

happiest monday to you.

happy happy monday.


you know what, it’s tuesday.

that’s where my head’s at.




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