you know how my last few posts have been “omg my life rocks”

i’ll tell ya what folks, it really does.

here’s the scoop

i’m all over the place. really, i am.

for example since writing those first two sentences i’ve managed to send a few e-mails, grab another cup of coffee, put in a load of laundry and i’m about to check out because i looked at my wall and feel like i should hang something?

oh, also i came across this toady and totally fell back inlove with this song:

you too?

ADD at it’s finest this morning.

and actually, right now as i’m typing i’m listening to the best but, too ashamed to post/share rap song.

alright, so back at it – i’m all over the place, i am. clearly.

so most of the time my posts are all about these crazy adventures and packing so much into one weekend. that’s how i roll, that’s what i like. annnnnd then my body punches me and says “get a grip and calm down” and then it decides to get really sick and laughs in my face and says “i told you”

the last few weekends, more like every weekend of my life is so good. then, this last week on monday my body just was done. sore, aching and my head was pounding, my nose running and eyes puffed. it was a sight ya’ll.

i’ll let ya in on a little secret: running after 3 boys and having a job that requires you to have more than normal energy levels is not the cure. it’s not at all.

somehow though, i made it through the week. i made it to friday and i couldn’t have been happier.

then my boss mark asked, where are you off to this weekend?

i said, my bed.

he laughed and asked again.

i reassured him that i was serious

i’d never seen the face he gave me in that moment. which made me even more confident in my decision that yes lauren, you need to chill.

fast forward to 8 pm on friday night- lauren out cold.

side note: you know what sucks about being part of social media? all those god damn snapchats on the weekend when you’re so excited to be doing nothing – but then the whole entire world is sending you photos of being out. there they are having so much fun and you’re really happy for them but you all of a sudden feel really old and lame. you question yourself “what happened to the fun lauren a year or two ago?”

it’s strange thing, you know. when did staying in on a friday night become such a lame thing to do? i say, it’s the furthest from being lame. reward yourself. i missed hanging out with myself. call me a loser, but you should do it.

it’s like i had forgotten my independence. my job allows me a lot of ‘me’ time, being i have off during the day. that time though, is more like running here and there – never, hanging out with myself. hanging out with yourself is so so important. it’s healthy and i think more of us need to remember that.


Saturday morning was unreal.

my favorite things in life are this:

acoustic covers, fall mornings, rain and coffee.


classic basic biaaatch.

whatever. it’s the simple things yo.

it was such a solid morning. so solid.

i hit the gym hard on saturday. i took a long time off from that place for a few specific reasons. i’ll tell ya what, it felt so good to be back. i walked in and there were all may homie g’s. i had missed them. i met a new friend, paul.

i didn’t recognize him, so i introduced myself (paul is really hot) – well, little did i know that introducing myself would turn into a full on hard core work out where you wake up the next morning scared for your life thinking you’re now paralyzed because your muscles are so sore. shout out to paul.

Saturday night my friend Tom and I went to see Gone Girl.

ok, hold up – this movie you guys, incredible. you’d love it. you should see it. watch the trailer because it’s everything:

it’s one of those movies that leads to great conversation. there are so many relevant topics in this film.

after we went to this AH-MAZING noodle bar. which, by the way – noodle bars soooo happening right now. i feel like they’re hip and in, you know? they own instagram. it’s a real thing to go to a noodle bar, take a picture, choose the perfect filter and upload that baby. #basic #nom #blessed? tom summed it up perfectly “if you don’t post it, did i really happen?”

what is this world.

i met tom this past year through a mutual friend and tom is the i’m telling you, such a good guy. the best guy. i think tom rocks because he can talk to you about anything and everything. he has such good insight on everything, it’s freaky. everything he says you’re just like “yes, yes you’re right”

it’s good thinking conversation.

i’m such a sucker for those conversations.

i mean he never just says yes, no or agrees or disagrees. he really pushes your thought process and has a lot to say. he rocks at voicing his opinion. how refreshing. love me some good perspective and dynamic conversations. 

then this morning i wake up, head downstairs for my cup of coffee.

tracey’s parents are in town until november staying with us. the sweetest, most kind and wonderful people. i’m in love. her dad was sitting at the table reading the newspaper. naturally, i sat myself right down and began talking to him. my favorite activity.

these people are so interesting. they lived in hong kong for 25 years and china for 2. how neat. seriously, how flipping neat. i was all over that. we chatted for a long while and i now feel like i am an expert on Asia. it’s my favorite way to learn – through conversation. did you guys know that it’s so humid in hong kong that if you hang your clothes out to dry, they won’t dry – they actually might be even more wet after a while? gross.

you want to know what’s even cooler? they went to school in new ulm, mn. at that moment…. i lost it.

so then mike man came into the kitchen, plopped right on my lap (melt my heart) and took over the conversation, because well, he unlocked a level on ps3 and that’s something worth discussing.

side note: i made a deal with michael that he can only play ps3 on fridays after school if he gives me 100 hugs throughout the week and he has to count them in spanish. fair, right?

THEM SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE YO. that’s what it’s all about.

weekends like i had are the best. i am so at fault for always thinking i need to be going going going and doing, seeing and being adventurous. to an extent, i eat that stuff up – i love it.

however, there is nothing better than doing a whole lot of nothing too. don’t ya think? it’s relaxing. it’s humbling and wonderful. it’s a good reminder to just be. just be happy.

being #basic, is OK.

i’m not sure if this post has a point or something to take away, but i just wanted to share. because sharing is caring?

ok no.

but, i think we should just all remember to embrace the simplicity of happiness.

and to remember that, being you, doing you and maybe doing a whole lot of nothing is good.

am i cheesy? i think i’m cheesy.

ps. 11 days until baby harris. 11 days people.


happiest day.




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