chica’s, chico’s it’s freeeeeeakking friday.

woke up to a box of dunkin’ donuts and my boss saying, “all boys are sick and i’m home so you’re off”

and then i thought i was dreaming.

but i’m not.

hi 3 day weekend.

Image Image 1

i’m totally overwhelming all of social media with my rant of dog pics. i think of it as more of a favor though, because look. look at that pup. insert so many heart eye’s emoji’s here.

hazel baby. that’s her name. remember how i told you guys i started to walk/run my friends labs? favorite part of my day.

ps. hope the black lab is expecting at the end of the month and so that’s all i can think about because that means puppies. puppies, baby puppies. the world is alright.

so lately, my boys have been growing up.

Image 2 Image 3 Image 4

really. more than usual. i don’t know if it’s normal, or what it is but all of a sudden life is flashing in front of me yelling, “they aren’t little anymore”

tyler is learning math that looks like another language to me. he also can stay home alone now, what, what?! he’s doing his own laundry. i didn’t do my own laundry until the first week of college and had to ask my roommate for help and then she looked at me with disgust. shout out to ruthie hoeschen for that. he recently made a sports change from football to baseball and i’m so proud of him. he’s really a kid to be proud of, all the time.

robert is becoming so responsible. such an independent boy. also, he hasn’t REALLY fought with his brothers in a looooong time – i never thought i’d see the day. he is such a kind, sweet boy. we’ve been bonding a lot lately. he also is king of lowering my self confidence when he says “miss lauren, turn up the radio and down your voice” 

michael. my michael is not 5 anymore. i think from age 5 to 7 is a big difference, am i right? he’s a new man. man? no. he’s just really growing up and i’m so proud of him. except, i wasn’t proud the other night when we were driving down the street in the pitch dark and i called his name – no response – ok, i thought to myself he’s sleeping, yes, good. we were just about to pull into the driveway when all of a sudden the loudest, biggest scream came from that boy. you guys, i peed my pants. literally. omg michael. also, he’s really into asking me big life questions. it’s like all of a sudden i need to know all the answer’s to life. has that happened to you? because, duuuude – i don’t even know.

we have our days that’s for sure and those days they push me to no end.

example 1) forgetting to tell michael that apple juice is an option for breakfast will result in full on tears, on the floor screaming and crying and so much hatred toward you.

example 2) specifically handing tyler his form and money for school pictures, watching him put it into his folder and reminding him to turn it in the night before, the morning of and sending a text message to him. then getting a call saying “i lost the form and money”

example 3) michael being in a stage of doing everything you ask him not to do. everything. i think it’s his favorite activity; “let’s push miss lauren’s buttons”

they frustrate me, stress me out and put me to bed at approx. 8pm every night. those boys know exactly how to push my buttons, make me angry and get under my skin. they squeeze every ounce of energy out of me. most days i don’t even think i’m thinking straight. are kids supposed to do that?

you know what though, there is not one day that doesn’t go by that i’m not so happy to be where i am. these kids have changed my life. they’re the most fun, intelligent and kind kids in the world. they have stolen my heart forever and ever.

they have changed my life. 

ps. i’m tearing up writing this.

(debated for a good ten minutes if i should share that, yolo baby)

here’s what i know:

it’s possible to do what you love. it is. i think that saying gets a bad rep, you know? often times, i hear from friends and people that they don’t like their work, they don’t like their boss or that they work too much. you know what though, you have to take the good with the bad. in a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to work. newsflash: it’s not a perfect world.

too often, people think that doing what you love shouldn’t be challenging, isn’t hard work and means not working a lot, or whatever…

here i am, ‘miss know it all lauren hoeschen’ to tell you that actually – you have to choose to love what you do. you have to choose to be passionate and inspired by your work. you have to take the good with the bad. BE challenged. BE frustrated some days. WORK ALOT. because you know what, that’s what is going to push you to do better, to be better and to be more. you have to make a conscious effort to see the good, the great and happiness in your life. be intimidated. heck, my boss is the coolest boss ever. THE best boss ever. the day i stop being intimidated by him though, is the day i start being lazy and not performing my best and what a lame thing is that.

be passionate and seek out the difference you’re making in your work. make a conscious effort to reach that difference each and every day.

east school elementary has a motto that goes “work hard and be kind”

it’s simple and the most true words i’ve ever heard.

each and every day i make sure my boys and i are in fact working hard and being kind.

so when i ask you this

“why do you do what you do”

ask yourself that. i dare ya.

i do what i do, because it’s challenging. it’s hard and at times i feel like just giving up. i also do what i do because i’m passionate about making a difference. i’m passionate about helping people seeing their potential, being kind and doing good. i don’t think enough kids are given attention, love and support they need. i do what i do because it has challenged and changed me.

i think i should be a preacher.

mostly what i think is that this post is something i need to be reminded of, all the time.

see happy. choose happy. be happy.




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