ok, nightmares suck. when do nightmares stop? i thought those were long gone when i hit maybe… 12 years old…nope. they still exist lauren. is that normal? seriously, tell me. if not, i will go see someone. these nightmares have been keeping me up all night long this past week. it’s ridiculous.

we also had a really long day full of so much joy, emotions and excitement.

really what i’m trying to tell you is that i’m so exhausted, i can’t sleep, again and so i’m going to blog.

brace yourself.

are you a visual person? me too. i had this bright (not so bright because i can’t think straight) idea to take a picture of me right now so you can see for yourself

Photo on 10-17-14 at 10.19 PM #5

but the camera went too fast for me on this one

Photo on 10-17-14 at 10.19 PM #6

and then i tried to concentrate really hard round 2 to be ready, but i look like a straight up prude.

Photo on 10-17-14 at 10.20 PM #6

so then this happened and i don’t even know what it is.

and so here we are.


and now it’s saturday morning.

i ended up writing this really long post (after i posted those pictures, god help us all) last night about how bagels are like life.


i compared bagels to life.

you guys sure lucked out that i reread the part about bagels this morning before i posted it. what a mess.

moving right along then.

yesterday was surreal. it was the most incredible day.

for the last few months, we’ve been anxiously awaiting baby boy number four’s arrival!!!

the baby has been surrounded by so much love and excitement already! so excited that the past few weeks mike and i have been hanging out in the nursery, without a baby.


i took my boys to starbucks in the morning for a little treat because, heyyyyo they were about to be big brothers. it was pretty surreal that it would be the last time with just the three of them. my three amigos. my clique. my clan. weird.

annnnnnd then…we…got THE CALL. 

baby boy ryan jonathan entered the world october 17th at 12pm sharp. with a full head of blonde hair and the bluest eyes; he’s the most precious baby in all the land.

note: there are signs in the baby unit that say to please be quiet and considerate. nope, not my boys. it was a full on sprint and yelling to that room. what a sight we were.

IMG_4763 IMG_4764 IMG_4765 IMG_4766

a moment in my life that i will always always always remember was this. brothers, meeting their brother for the very first time. what a tear jerker.

IMG_4768  Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

the harris fellas most of the time are full of energy that most people don’t even know exists. they are crazy, i mean actually crazy. they are loud, rough and tough. loud. rough. and tough. they also can be the sweetest, most kind and gentle boys i’ve ever known. meeting their baby brother, they were the sweetest, the absolute sweetest, gentle and kind i’d ever seen. the way they spoke to him with gentle voices, held him and rocked him – my eyes were popped out of my head. it was adorable. sew fudging kewt. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

yup. then it was my turn. heart melted.when i hold a baby, nothing else matters. i luv yah baby r.

ps. my job rocks. my job rocks so much.


i’m so proud of mike man. the big brother rookie, but from his first meeting yesterday, he’s already a pro.


what a day.

what a perfect day.

in the words of michael

“yeah, i think i like him – we can keep him”

feeling so completely blessed and grateful for this life. wowza. especially grateful that KFC exists.

after all of that, we went out a celebrated by going to mark’s favorite – KFC. have you ever been to KFC with 5 boys? it’s a sight. seriously, grabbing tray after tray of food from the counter – we definitely got some looks. when you go to kfc, you can’t short yourself. you can’t. you’re eating at kfc – there’s no turning back. #blessed #grateful #america #eatclean #healthy

so we stuffed ourselves silly. had some good laughs and headed home. what a day we had.

send me all your awake and alive vibes today? fourth cup of coffee is a go for this gal. uuuuf.




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