i’m really into lists lately. like, every morning i write a full out list of to-do’s. i’d say it’s pretty obnoxious. either that or i’m a pro – list maker. i mean, do you add “brush teeth” or “txt so and so back” because, that’s the level i’m on.

(i may just really be into them because of the feeling i get when i get to cross it off. there’s nothing like it)

with that theme going on in my life lately i thought i’d keep the groove going in this post. embrace it ya’ll.

1) went to my friend john’s casa today. the one with the bagillion dogs. one of his pups delivered nine puppies on monday. you guys, they were maybe the size of my hand. i was expecting them to be tiny, but whoa! they we’re teeny weeny. it was a really neat experience actually. have you ever seen a mama and her pups? wowza. this mama was one protective gal. i couldn’t even pick one up, john had to pick each one up and hand them to me and that mama bear did not take her eye off me. i was pretty intimidated actually. what a good mommy! if you’re ever sad, find yourself a four day old lab puppy and hold that precious little thing.

2) this last weekend was.a.riot. em beth and i visited our favorite stomping grounds; Casey’s. this place is the most fun townie dive bar in all of Fairfield County (the only one). it’s straight up Stearns County, MN. i luuuv it.  we walk in the door and i do my usual ‘scan the place for the most fun people and make moves’

i saw these two people who looked like the most fun people i’d ever seen. so i immediately went over, sat in the chair next to them and introduced myself. their first words were “we were on our way to burger king for dinner and ended up here at the bar”

it was at that moment i knew i had picked out some good people to get to know.

we got to talking and guess what… yup, you guessed it – they were visiting from Scotland.

IMG_4789  IMG_4795 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

what a bunch of goofy people. we exchanged a lot of conversation and stories about how that man in the glasses that aren’t actually his, is in all of the pictures at this bar. it’s his soccer team in scotland. so all this time i’ve been going there curious about the obnoxious soccer photos, here was my answer. right in front of me.

ummmm also, the guy told me his favorite place in the United States is Minneapolis, MN.

so i then lost it. completely lost it.

sir, ya rock. you absolutely flippin rock. 

so then we bonded over the people, the culture and happenings in good ‘ol minnesota.

the sweetest and most kind, WILD folks i have ever come across and i loved every minute of it.

we exchanged numbers for when i visit them in scotland.

people are rad and people are good.


hey you guys, if there is one thing i want to tell you – it’s that, you really are awesome. every person deserves to know you. don’t short yourself. put yourself out there, meet people and get to know others who are sharing the world with you. don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. don’t hold back because you’re rad. you are and you know it. 🙂

3) went into Brooklyn on Sunday with Emily to get this precious babe.

IMG_4856 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

her mom adopted this pooch from a couple who rescued him from the pound. what a happy day for this guy and what a happy ending. also, emily’s mom is an angel. she’s a saint. all of the above and so this fella is in for a life of happiness and joy. awhhhhhh shucks.

4) puppies and babies are a reoccurring theme in my life at the moment and i am a-ok with it.

5) been hanging out with ry guy lots. i think we’re at homie level.

IMG_4885  IMG_4887

ry guy is beyond everything. i mean friends – look at him. the sweetest babe. just a hunk. a hunk who cries, a lot. mark & tracey keep saying i’m a natural which may be true but also, those 12, 3 and 4 am screams are the best form of birth control i’ve ever known. wow. no thank you.


it’s been such a heart melting experience watching the three older boys swoon over him. they are so good to baby ryan. they’re obsessed. michael will hold ryan, kiss his forehead and say “it’s ok, it’s ok, your brother michael’s gotchya, i gotchya” so then i go into complete OMG I LOVE MY JOB AND LIFE mode.

the babe has also brought on a lot of chaos and transition for everyone. we’re all trying to get used to the newest most perfect addition. maybe that’s just me? yesterday i called my mom and talked to her for 55 minutes non stop. just me. me talking about how i was stressed about a grape situation.

so that’s where my life is at.

6) today a complete stranger told me i had the best eye brows she’d ever seen.


life motto: “don’t trust anyone with bad eyebrows”


she asked me what my trick was. she took notes on her phone while i told her. it was pretty intense and i was loving every minute. so here’s me and my eyebrows and yes i’m covering up my top lip because there’s a zit there and it’s gross and it hurts.

Photo on 10-23-14 at 2.51 PM #2

here’s what i told the woman:

i get them threaded at Benefit (LOVE DIS PLACE) by mah girl Tina who also serves as my once a month  lets solve the world’s problems together in fifteen minutes. i then use this product errrday on them:


and if it’s a special occasion i go over it with this:


7) i’m really into make up tutorials right now. so maybe it’s rubbing off on me? ohhh, you guys! do you follow gimmie lovin? she’s nat the fat rat’s younger sister and i’m obsessed. she recently did a tutorial that you should check out.

i feel really valley girl right now.

and now i feel weird.

and materialistic.

8) ok last thing. never underestimate the feel goods of a dance party. alone.i have one every day. EMBRACE YOU. DO YOU. you know that catchy tune by T Swift right now, Shake It Off? Gawd. it’s a good one. i’m also really into Ja Rule. should i be embarrassed about that?

9) my boss was reading me the amount of calories in a pina coloda and daiquiri today. don’t ever look that up. don’t do it.

10) last thing WHAT SHOULD I BE FOR HALLOWEEN? i hate halloween but am obligated to dress up this year and am at a complete loss. HELP ME. comment with fun ideas!





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