chicago wins.

friday after so many delayed and cancelled flights i finally arrived in chicago. i stepped off the plane into lots of wind, snow, rain and cold. one heck of a warm welcome mother nature. it was like she was yelling “you betrayed us when you left the midwest so here’s some karma for ya”


all i cared about was food at the moment. really, that’s all i ever really care about. we went out to eat at Vapiano. this place was DA BOMB.COM folks. the one is chicago is located right in the north loop (do i sound like a native chicagian? hint: i don’t even know what that means), i know that it is centrally located for you to grab a bite. the atmosphere was so fun and the vibe was great. the food – out of this world. nom nom nom


why did i go to chicago?

first, why not. 

i went to chicago to visit matttt. matt and i met in new york this last june and he rocks my socks off. he moved to chicago in september and is going to Chicago Booth. what a smarty pants.

i was so happy to see him in his new digs in chi town.

after dinner…which was at like 10pm….on halloween night….we went to the costume store because matt didn’t have a costume yet for the costume party….he had known about for the longest time……………

procrastination at it’s finest.


started the night off as a beer pong table.

ended the night as a door.

  IMG_4998 IMG_4999

which i personally think is even funnier than the beer pong table.

a door.



^some of the crew at the costume party.

these people were so fun. so so fun. the best company i’d had in a looong time. they’re all first year booth students which meant i got to play smarty pants for the night and pretend i knew what they were talking about. finance talk is the most foreign language to me and i was loving it. i felt like i was back in college listening to my professors but this time – it was fo free and wine was in my hand. holla.

saturday we pizza’ed hard.

chicago deep dish pizza was more than i could handle. it was like heaven on earth had finally happened.


the best part about matt’s location is that he lives exactly one step away from Chicago’s voted best deep dish pizza. i think he secretly chose his location based off being that close to the world famous deep dish pizza joint and that’s why i think he’s awesome possum. when you go to chicago, if you don’t deep dish pizza – then you are doing it wrong my friends.

we stuffed out faces silly. seriously. to the point where i demanded before anything else happened i need to lay on the floor for ten minutes and breathe. so then that happened.

the rest of the day we played tourists.


why had i never been to chicago?


we went on this boat tour that was phenomenal. the best views of chicago. IMG_5045 IMG_5046 IMG_5047  IMG_5051

do not be fooled by that sunshine my friends. it was faaaa-reeeezing, it was stupid cold.


and so those are my pictures from the weekend.

chicago punched me in the face. i didn’t know that was coming. i really had no expectations and it just kept throwing everything cool at me.


I got to see my Aaron Straka.

stop what you’re doing and watch


no seriously. watch it.

aaron straks is the man. he is the most inspiring person in the world. i’ve never known anyone as determined, put together and sassy as him. how did we meet? well, one time in college he came to visit my roommate. he walked in the door – said something so sassy and loud, i looked at him and said “we’re going to be friends” and the rest is history. his best quality? when you wear something, he will tell you either it looks great or “what in the f is that” you need friends like that. the kid is one of the best friends i’ve ever had.  i’ve had some of my craziest, wildest and fun times of my life with aaron. such a treat seeing him.

did you watch it?



so my weekend ended and it was time for me to head back to the east.

i was so sad to leave chicago. so sad that i cried. full on tears. i’m really into crying lately? it’s weird. is that a thing that people do when they leave a trip? this girl does apparetnly.

all in the world was better monday morning when this happened

IMG_5066    IMG_5070 IMG_5071


baby snuggles are incredible. it’s like life is just right there in front of you saying “anything really is possible” this kid can do anything he wants. what is that? how cool. ry guy is also the worlds best listener. we’ve been having a lot of heart to hearts over coffee and his ‘coo’s’. i keep telling him i’m new to this baby thing, but he keeps saying he’s new at this life thing – so our relationship is pretty neat.

and then this:



best friend boo thang has stepped foot in America after a ‘real life travel the world’ experience for the past 4 months. finally, we’re breathing the same american air and i’ve never been happier.

did you notice my hairs in that picture? they went buhh bye monday morning. lots of them went. yikes.

here’s the recap of the weekend:

i think less often people who are good, genuine people come into our lives. i’m talking about those people who come into your life truly for the better. the ones who care about you, more than you think you deserve or know. the ones who really want to be with you and around you. when those people come into your life,  those are the people to hang on to. hold to them and that, and be. be happy. do happy.

i missed adventuring.

stay tuned, more adventures coming.




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