friends. hi. 

happiest thanksgiving weekend to you. i hope you are doing so well and finding the time to relax and embrace the goodness around you.

thanksgiving has always been one of my very holidays. it’s a holiday where we don’t get caught up in gifts, the glamour or hustle of the holidays. instead, it’s a time to be with loved ones, relax and take time to reflect on those that you are thankful for. ummmmm also, food.

t giving, i like ya.

my thanksgiving the last two years have been a little tough. mostly because my aunt shelia’s pumpkin ice cream dessert only comes once a year on thanksgiving. It’s all i ever known for 22 years of my life and the past two i’ve had to miss out. Shucks. Ok, shit.

this year was good though. i had a good friend of mine Stephanie come out to New Canaan to celebrate the day with the Harris Family. it was so nice to have her out. we sat around, drank mark’s holy cow so good homemade spiked apple cider. nom. she snuggled the babe forever.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

 it was a good day all around. after we seriously feasted (to the point where i actually went upstairs to change into pants with an elastic waist band), we headed back into NYC to her new casa.

girly nights are good. we just hung out in her oh so cozy, cute and quaint nyc apartment drinking wine and talking girly things. i luvvved it. i luuuv dat girl.

thanksgiving was good. things are good. and some other things in my life are not. life hit my pretty hard a few weekends ago to the point where now i have just, well, shut down. i’m like this. i just do this every time life does this to me. it’s never, “oh lauren, here’s a little bump in the road” it’s more like “HI HERES HUGE BRICKS BEING THROWN AT YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN”

why is that?

and when that happens, i shut down.

i’ve been trying to blog about it. trust me. you don’t want to see my draft page in my settings. it’s sick. i just can’t get it out. i’m speechless and mostly just totally and completely exhausted from thinking about it all. here’s what i can tell you about how i feel though:

you matter.

if you read my blog and we’ve never met – you matter to someone. you matter to me. every single human being in this world matters. they are loved by someone and they are part of this life for a reason. you can never ever tell someone they matter enough. be in touch with your loved ones, let them know you are thinking about them, ask them how they are and make a fucking effort. make an effort to show those they matter to you. you don’t have time? yes, yes you do. you do have time. people in this world are hurting and they are suffering, they feel alone and in dark places – what a terrible place to be.  the worst part is, most of us are oblivious that it is happening to those right in front of us, those who are closest to us and to those we care about. we get so caught up in what is, that we forget to look deep inside. we forget to remind them because we fall back on “they know” – well, you know what – maybe the know you care, but they forget. we all need to hear it and we all need to be reminded that we matter.

so with that. over the past few weeks i’ve been looking at old pictures, my favorite past time. also, someone sent me a survey to fill out for my blog. so basically the following is just a jumble of randomness if you care to take a look:


DP. Literal Laugh Out Loud.

Image 13

What’s your least favorite season? Spring.

Morning or night? Morning. 

What’s your favorite desert? My Dad’s K Bars.


What’s something you hate? Ketchup. gag me.

Rap or pop? RAP.  Love me some Jay -Z.

Do you like math? hate.

Love or lust? lust.

What music are you listening to right now? 1975 – Chocolate (acoustic version)

Do you like rainy days? My favorite kind of day. 


Image 19

Did you brush your teeth this morning? Yes. I brush my teeth a minimum of five times per day.

Do you want kids? I’m not sure.

Who was the last person you texted? Matt

How many rings do you usually wear? none. i don’t own any jewelry, i don’t know how to wear it. 

It’s 2 in the morning and you get a text message, who is it most likely from? Lauren Velin. My girl. 


Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? no idea.

Image 10 Image 9

Aaron Straka in 1018’s kitchen was life changing. Image 8

i hate football and this picture was staged.

Image 6

can we talk about gus? look at him!

Image 4

first night in 1018. that house was a jungle. the year brought many surprise visits from many bats, mice, mold and spiders. if that house is still standing, than i do believe in miracles.


shout out to Marky Mark my senior year of college when he rented a real life jumper for welcome back day.

Photo on 5-8-14 at 4.19 PM Photo on 5-8-14 at 4.20 PM #3

What is your usual bedtime? 8pm. Seriously.
Do you think musicals are cheesy? YES.YES THEY ARE.
Who was your High School crush? Drew Bjordal forever. Image 3

can’t get over these beauties. my bae >

Photo on 11-21-14 at 8.30 AM #2 Photo on 11-21-14 at 8.31 AM Photo on 11-21-14 at 8.32 AM #2 Photo on 11-21-14 at 8.33 AM #4

best first date: probably the one that went horribly wrong. we went out for mexican food and after, i ended up getting super super sick (the chills, sweating, throwing up) it was bad. i had to have a friend come pick me up, i was that sick. best part about it? we went out for a second date. 


Are you young at heart, or an old soul? i’d say an old soul
What makes someone a best friend? they listen when you’re silent. 
What part of the past year sticks out in your mind? When my sister came to NYC and we went to Mister Sunday. Mister Sunday is the most magical event i’ve ever been too. It’s this party in Brooklyn for people of all ages, families of all kind and for all people to come gather and jam. It’s the best vibes and atmosphere. It’s a Sunday that you never want to end.  It’s the grooviest thing.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset IMG_4585

What’s the best route to your heart? ambition, adventure and a whole lot of patience with me. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

If you’re in a relationship, what’s the story? we bumped into each other on a sunday afternoon in nyc and it was one of my favorite days. i wasn’t sure what to think as after only a few minutes of talking, we figured out he knew my boss. uh oh. i told him to guess my number one place i wanted to go in NYC but was waiting until the right time to go (thinking he’d never ever guess.. being, it wasn’t a place most people think about, and i had just met the guy anyway)… he guessed right, on the first try. The place is called ‘Serendipity’.

How serendipitous 🙂 
Where is your favorite place to go out and eat? I love eating on my parents deck. 
What was the longest car ride you’ve ever taken? 6 hours to Omaha, Nebraska with Andrew Einberger. 


one time i went to a party in college. i met (for the very first time) Andrew Einberger. He casually asked what i was doing for spring break and i replied “i’m visiting a friend in Omaha” he then said “I have a friend there, we should road trip together”

**remember, these are the first words we’d ever spoken to each other**

i agreed (sorta jokingly) and then we talked about something else (aka he kept buying me drinks). the next morning, he Facebook messaged me saying he was serious. i thought to myself, this sounds like the ultimate adventure – driving 5 hours with a complete stranger.

andrew einberger became one of my very closest friends that car ride and i love him forever and ever.

Describe a person that inspires you. BRIAN PATRICK ASHBURN.


Travel anywhere, where would it be? Asia.
Date anyone who would it be? Jay – Z.

What was the last thing you ate? Pizza. Five pieces because, why not. 
Last person you hugged? Stephy. 

What is the first thing u notice in the opposite sex? TEETH. OMG TEETH.

Have you ever cried over a girl/boy? absolutely. boys suck sometimes.

Are you missing someone? Yes.


Favorite Hangout? Good conversation with coffee or wine. or food. obvi.

232323232fp;93>nu=3338>43WSNRCG=3644;588-2335nu0mrj 232323232fp543-3>nu=;6;7>947>259>WSNRCG=368-53773434-nu0mrj

What would you name a girl?  Alex

Before you started this survey, what were you doing? Yoga.

Do you like to dance? i dance every single day. seriously.
Would you ever consider living abroad? i’m going to live abroad.
If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be? Jimmy Fallon
Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? TJ Max or ZARA
What did you do for your last birthday? My birthday doesn’t exist to me. 
Who was the last person you ate dinner with? Harris Fam. 
Do you know how to pump your own gas? Yes, but in Fairfield County, they do it for you. 
If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be? John F Kennedy.

so, that was random. i feel like i should be on myspace. lolololzzz. whatever. 

but, ya’ll – ya matter. don’t forget that. share it. Ripple Effect yo.




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