bloggy readers,


it’s been over a month since i blogged last. weird.

here’s the thing though, i’ve been so stupid busy – it’s stupid.

oh, listen to this: it’s so fudging good.

ok, so here’s what i’ve been up to, since the very first weekend in December (holy cow):


Matt and I took a trip to that place in the picture up there. It’s the Berkshires in MA. We stayed in Stockbridge, which is home to Norman Rockwell, how neat.

We wanted to go somewhere that really screamed “Christmas” but also, was a good get away, nothing too crazy or busy. While researching, Stockbridge kept appearing as New England’s best “home for the holidays” weekend get away feel. Seemed too good to be true, so on Friday night he landed in NYC and we went to see for ourselves.

We grabbed some hot chocolate, blared Christmas music and pretended to be really good at singing the whole way. Someone pinch me because it was the best roadtrip i’d ever had.


we stayed at the Red Lion Inn, which has been around for over 300 years!! It’s the central hang out, the. in Stockbridge. when i first walked into the red lion in, i felt so homey and cozy. everyone was in holiday cheer, but also it was a relaxing vibe. can life get any better? i mean really.

we had so much fun exploring the berkshires. what are exactly the berkshires? well, it’s a few tiny towns that make up The Berkshires. they are full of character, history and fun outings such as shops, restaurants, activities, etc.

Stockbridge, where we stayed was the town that really kept tradition alive.


the town to this day is a complete replica of that.



each night they had live music in the Den downstairs, which was a blast.

people from all over traveled to the Red Lion Inn for the live music, good atmosphere and fun company.

ok, mostly old people traveled to see the live music but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

like, really did. we went down there every single night and by Sunday night our waiter said “you guys are new regulars”

so i’ll add that to my list of reasons why i’m cool.


^ live ballerina’s in the windows. WHAT.



^live music with cocktails by the fire outside? count me in.

IMG_5676  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

^ live music, cocktails, fireplace and good people in the lobby each night. holllla.


instead of acting like adults at brunch, we played an intense game of hangman with the crayons provided for the kiddos.

because, like, we’re kiddos ourselves. LOLZ.

IMG_5677                    Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset                Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

among other things we went to see the play “It’s a Wonderful Life”, went to a wine and cheese tasting, watched christmas movies, went to fancy dinners, checked out all the really cute boutiques and shops which i caught Matt really enjoying:



it was a pretty surreal trip. i felt like i was in a movie the entire time.

got back from the most incredible weekend and had my very favorite visitor come to the east coast.

she came all the way from MN to do that NYC Christmas thing.

Guys, NYC Christmas is something YOU HAVE TO DO in your life time.

IMG_5886 IMG_5885

i feel like NYC Christmas sounds over-rated. How can a place be THAT magical compared to any other place during Christmas? I get it. it sounds crazy – but ya’ll it’s true.

this was my second year doing the nyc christmas shaa-bang, and this year i got even more goosebumps.

it’s unreal.


^ You know the movie Serendipity? AKA the best movie in the whole wide world? Well, here it is folks – the ending scene where she throws the missing glove, and he’s laying on the ice in central park and then they live happily ever after.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^you know it’s a small world when you run into a familiar face in New York City.

IMG_5847 IMG_5842 IMG_5840 IMG_5837  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset IMG_5808

^^this is real life. this man is in Washington Square Park at all times. Pigeons flock to him and it is disgusting.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

^Chelsea Market is and always be a favorite NYC gem of mine.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset IMG_5761

^^ NYC Christmas markets OWN.

we hit the holiday markets hard because when you’re in nyc for christmas, you holiday market.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

best $8.00 small cup of Hot Coco i’ve ever had. worth every penny, even if i could only take two sips because it was so rich. so.yummy.

side note: may have checked out City Bakery hot chocolate soley because Blake Lively posted a picture of it on her instagram and i’m totally obsessed with her all of a sudden because she’s preggo and looks ahh-mazing. it’s not human how good she rocks being preggo. have you seen? it’s like, – you betch.


scored tickets and saw the Rockette’s at Radio City. yeahhh so put that one on your bucket list. Seriously.

if things couldn’t get any better, i headed home to MN for Christmas.

the thing is, that the older you get – the more ya appreciate home. at least i do. there’s something about A Town down during the holidays. if i were anywhere else, it wouldn’t be right.

what’s even more crazy, is coming to my house – isn’t even relaxing. it’s the most crazy and chaotic home in all of the world and I LUUUUV IT.


i was ready to kick mama nature in the booty though. i came home to NO SNOW. what in the world was that girlfrannd?

went to the MN Wild game with my pops. MN Wild need to lock it up, that’s what i thnk. we had a beer and pizza to make up for it and then all was right in the world again.


visited Anna Jean in her new studio on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. Isn’t that everyone’s dream? she scored. i call it “earthy,hipster and soooo natalie jean

IMG_5948    Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

my siblings are my world. they are. the older i get, the more i realize how much i need them in my life. it’s weird how different we all are. seriously, sometimes i wonder how we grew up in the same house, with the same rules and parents… but somehow, we just work. these babes mean so much to me and i love ’em so much.most of the time i honestly feel, i feel so sad for people who can’t experience being a hoeschen sibling. i truly mean that too.  it’s so fun being a hoeschen kid.

and also, i just feel so proud of my siblings. i am so proud of them. it’s such an honor and is so exciting to watch your siblings grow, from day one. to be able to see them go about their journey and the path they choose, is pretty unbelievable, don’t you think? i couldn’t be more proud of mine.

IMG_5970   Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Hoeschen selfie >> Ellen’s oscar selfie


one of the coolest parts of my life is my cousins. my grandpa and grandma set such a strong example of what family is for us. they really taught me the value of family, the importance and meaning of family. they taught me to love, adore and be good to your family – all of them. be good to your family and love your family, because they’re you’re family. they taught me to put family first, always. because of that, my cousins and i have this bond, this crazy and wild relationship that i’m obsessed with. i can barley go a day without talking to someone about my cousins, because they rock. no matter what, they’re my family and i feeeeel like such a spoiled lucky duck to have ’em.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^ high school friends are more fun to get together with now than it was in high school i think. it’s so fun to see where the world has taken us all and yet, when we’re together – it’s like nothings changed.


^^ played grown ups with anna at her new studio apartment and cooked dinner.


Mattttypants came into town. First timer in MN – Heeeyo.

Took him to the Depot in Minneapolis because that place is the best.

First time on skates for him. We made it around four times, holding onto the railing – makin’ me proud.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

^ if i do say so myself, we look like naturals. especially matt holding onto the railing and me.

^IMG_6043 IMG_6050

^Matt’s Bar for a Juicy Lucy. NomNomNom.

side note: we ate at every dive and diner possible i think. i mean really, what is life without greasy, fatty food for you?

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Rang in the New Year at Stella’s in uptown with this guy.

I feel like i jipped you guys on a lot of pictures i still have, but if i keep adding this post will be out of control long.

here’s what ya need to know:

life has been too good to me.

i’m not sure if life has been any different, but i’ve just been taking the time to recognize the goodness around me. i’ve been taking the time to breathe and look around at everything coming my way and embracing that. do you do that ever? isn’t it refreshing?

look at your life, but look at only the good for right now. feel the good and do the good, be good yo. 

i love ya all and i hope your holiday season was everything you had hoped for.



ps. HAPPY HAPPY 2015.


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