7 Simple Things We Forget About Being Young And Human

Thought Catalog

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1. That we are human beings who crave genuine connection and interaction. We might be homebodies or introverts or selectively social or whatever other way we’d like to define ourselves, but at the end of the day, we are human. We are human beings who desire interaction and connection with other human beings. Our souls long to be with other souls. If a baby is denied affection and connection with another human being, he/she could die. Literally die. As in, dead. As we grow up, our loneliness or lack of connection isn’t always fatal, exactly. We just get better at hiding our needs. We get better at distracting away and numbing out the loneliness.

2. We’re all a bit lonely, but that doesn’t mean we can’t alleviate that with each other. If there is one constant back-and-forth battle of our generation it’s that we think we don’t…

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