first this: IMG_6163 IMG_6164  IMG_6169 meet myla. my favorite part about going to Emily’s house is that there are ALWAYS new puppies and dogs there. it’s the dog sitting house of the century. next, this: IMG_6219

this baybay ^^

BABIES ARE A LOT OF WORK. OH MERRRR GAWD. and seriously, i thought i knew how much work they were from babysitting and nannying infants in the past – but like, i got to hand that baby off to their parent at one point. when you live and watch a baby around the clock –  oyyy. it’s a whole new ball game. and in all honesty, i don’t even watch him all day – it’s just morning and then the night, but still. uuuuf.

with that – Ry guy really has been such a light in the world. he’s opened my eyes to the world in a whole new way. it’s been a pretty amazing journey being able to watch him learn/grow (too fast!!) since the day he entered the world. i feel like i never realized up until this point how miraculous babies really are.

also i think i’m going to be a pro mama if i ever have kids. shout out to me, last night, when i saved the world. i was cooking dinner, keeping michael entertained, helping T and Bob with homework and and Mark had Ryan. he insisted that he feed and put him to bed, while i handled the three other boys – tag team at it’s finest. a few minutes later, after lots of screaming and crying – Mark came into the kitchen, looked at me and said “you try”  😉

i took ryan and that  instant, he was calm – took his bottle – and fell right to sleep. all while i was getting the older boys to eat dinner, finish homework and get to bed.

do most 23 year olds do that? bragging? maybe.

proud of myself? YUS x093084

whatever. i just think that it’s a sign that i’m loving my job and i’m passionate about it.

i lurrrve it and i love dat bae.

in other news, i got a call Thursday night from Mattthew saying “want to come to Chicago tomorrow?” thought i was dreaming, but no – i wasn’t. it was real folks. friday night, i hopped on a plane (after 3 delays and 3 glasses of wine. never again Spirit Airlines, never again) and made it to Chi Town at 2:00AM.

Chicago is growing on me, HARD. 

Saturday we went to our favorite breakfast spot where i literally ordered two entree’s and three sides because YOLO baby.

Wildberry. We went Saturday, Sunday AND Monday morning. Sick.

it’s apparently everyone’s favorite spot because we’ve never been a time that the wait is less than an hour and a half. it’s crazy, but worth it.

Check it out HERE! 

we checked out this mexican restaurant on Saturday night and it’s like, the best restaurant, EVER.

we met up with some friends of ours and drank some marg’s, had some fajitas, good conversation – the works.

it’s called El Tapatio and they have Jumbo Margaritas so if you don’t go… you’re basically missing out in life.

check it out HERE


((also, i’ve been really into and slightly obsessed with lipstick lately. it totally makes me feel powerful and like such a woman, i feel like a REAL adult when i wear it))

Sunday we had a really, really good day. it was a total “if lauren could choose anything to do today, she would do this” day.

woke up. grabbed a bagel and a coffee and headed over to our friends; jordan and scott’s . they have a four month old newfounland. do you know what those are?

this is what she will look like in about two months

: jordan


we took our latte’s and headed to the dog park and then walked all around Chicago which is my favorite thing to do. walk around a city with no plan.i could do it for hours on end.

wait, did i tell you how nice it was in chicago? the sun was SHINING. it was 40 degrees and snow was melting. heaven on earth ya’ll.

we then headed over to a brewery.


we met up with a few new friends.

played shuffle boards, drank some beers, ate some pizza and took a brew tour.

it was like da very best sunday in the history of sundays.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

everybody watched the football game, except for me because i don’t care about football and i don’t pretend to like it either. so instead, i embrace the opportunity and socialize. duh. the brewery was pretty neat-o guys. i’d recommend anyone to go if you’re visiting chicago. it’s the fastest growing brewery in the United States. so neat-o, am i right?

check it out HERE

and then we left and went back to matt’s and he insisted he had to finish watching the football game and i was all like, “can’t you just look at updates on your phone?” and he was all like, “it’s a big game..” soo then he watched and i checked every social media, read every blog, looked at Christmas gifts for next year, made new iTunes play lists..


and i came across these cool things on pinterest:



where is this?^^

and then the game STILL wasn’t over so i filtered this picture: Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

and then it was, game ovaaaa betches.

and we bet on the Super Bowl and i chose Seattle Seahawks because Seattle is on the west coast, and the west coast is chill and lax, so i like that and thus; Seahawks are my choice.

sunday night we grabbed italian, which was so good we stuffed ourselves so silly it was stoooopid. is it normal to get appetizers, entree’s, more appetizers and dessert? because we did. when in rome?

ok. anyways then we took a little stroll around the city.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

i’m a total city gal. you send me up north minnesota to stearns county after sunset to take back roads, or even drive on the freeway – forget it. you send me on a camping trip, i’d laugh at you in the face.

you send me outside at night in a city, with all those flashing lights and people everywhere – don’t have to ask me twice.  cities inspire me. you know? the way they are, they give me this feel. good feels that anything can happen. am i talking without a brain now? i don’t know, i just love citties.

monday morning we brunched HARD and headed to the airport.

my weekends have been so fudging gewdd lately. life is gewd. be good and do good folks.

sending all of my love your way.

xo lo


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