my blogging game has been shameful. i know this. my bad.

so here’s a fun fact: this.is.my.very.last.blog.post.

that’s right yo. i’ll get to it later.

things in my world have been so good to me. i always say, “life has a way of taking care of us” and it’s true.

i think most recently, i’ve been reminded of this over and over. it’s sort of like this:

in my life, things are great. greater than they’ve ever been. what an incredible journey life has been for me. also though, my life has been a real struggle lately. in ways, my job has been the direct cause of more stress than i’ve ever encountered in my life. a lot of my friendships are growing apart and that’s the toughest for me. my friends mean the absolute world to me and to see them parting ways has been such a heart break for me. i’ve never been more lost in my whole entire life. who am i? what am i doing? where am i going? i have.no.fucking.clue. i don’t even know what i’m doing tonight. or after i write this blog. it’s pretty pathetic.

however, in other ways – my job has brought me more happiness and laughs than anything else. my heart has never been so full being around my four kiddos. what an amazing feeling that is. my friendships have been a beautiful journey, and i’ve come to peace with moving on and forward. i’ve found a love for the unknown, and i am thankful for the way i live my life. i totally think i live life best not planning; living day for day. what a blessing that is.

see. the world takes care of you.

i’ve been seeing the world and my life a lot differently lately. it’s been pretty amazing to wake up one day and see things differently than i did a year ago. i feel like i’m growing up or something…. 😉

a few things have come my way lately that have made me feel like i’ve been living in this dream. this actual real life dream. i have been catching myself taking deep, big breaths and just ‘being’. i am such  a sucker for embracing the moment. call it the yogi in me, but of realz. i don’t feel things too often and so when i do – i totally over exaggerate and over do it. that’s ok. i think too often, people don’t embrace their feelings. feelings are cool people. 

ok. enough blah blah blahing.

a few things in my world that have been happening:


been totally eating up bro time at the harris house. seriously, sibling love is one of the greatest kinds of love. it’s been one of the most incredible experiences of my whole entire life watching this babe grow. seeing this baby the very day he was born and be brought home, has been one heart fulfilling thing. i’m telling you, there is nothing like it.

and yes, all you parents out there – i get it, you know. so let this 23 year old first timer geek out because, wow.

also, i’ll never stop saying this: BABIES.ARE.SO.MUCH.WORK. i am now a pro one handed tooth brusher. also, i can multi task like no other.


so much snow in new canaan, it’s silly.  the east coast has been getting hit hard with snow and i’m so.over.it.omg.

went to florida two weekends ago. it was unreal. everyone should go to florida at least once during febraury. it was exactly the cure to the 9 snow days/late starts/early dismissals and that flu bug that went around our house for a week and then terrible terrible colds and one super sick baby. this nanny needed a vacay. so, florida it was.

IMG_6547 IMG_6546           IMG_6536

one night matt and i went out and pretended we were 21 again. twas fun. we took “dance like no one is watching” to a whole new level. that was fun. haha. the night ended in a uber taking us through the taco bell drive through at 2am. #ThEmCoLlEgEDaYSsssS #LoL

i ran into curt ware. running into curt ware, in Sarasota, FL completed my life. the world is small, seriously. 


had some much needed girl time with the fisk ladies.happy hour on the water and watched the sunset? count me in. happiest gal night, evaaaah.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset   IMG_6525  IMG_6523

looking for dolphins.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

what an amazing weekend that was. uuuftah. 😉

and then it was back to Connecticut for the week.

it was in Connecticut that Mike Man told me he searched up (when nobody was looking) at school, ‘President Obama’ and he found out that his real name is Brick Obama. Fun fact. 😉

Friday rolled around and I was off again. this time – Chi town. i’m falling hard for Chicago yo.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

i mean, seriously? look at the beaut. FO REALSIE.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

here we are. 99 floors up at the Willis Tower!

and then….we went to the 103rd floor…..to the sky deck.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 4.20.26 PM

looook. it was total overkill for valentines day, but it made for a great picture i think.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

and then… we went to a bar, before it opened.. at 10am because, we’re classy.


bloody mary’s make me barf. except this one. i’m telling you – if you’re in Chicago… you MUST go to Jimmy Green’s and get THIS BLLODY MARY. NOM.

had the very best valentines day. i always love valentines day, i have every single year i’ve been alive. what a fun day to show and tell the ones you love, that you in fact do. a day dedicated to celebrating the most important thing in this world – love. i love it so much! was missing my kiddos the most this day. those boys have been the biggest influence on my life on opening my heart, and showing me love. kids rule.

are you going to chicago? if you are, better get in touch with me because i know that city well now and i can give you the best recommendations for things to do, see and places to go. a girl will hook you up.

IMG_6646 IMG_6647

Sunday we went to Au Cheval.

I’ve heard about this place over and over again. We hadn’t been since we’d heard the wait is 2 1/2 hours, minimum each time. Well folks, that wait was literally 3 hours.


ok, so here’s the dealio. the burger from that place was heaven on earth. i’m telling you. worth every single second of that wait. ohhhmahhhgawd. 

so. bucketlist item number 1 for you: Go to Au Cheval in Chicago and order the burger. wowza. speechless. 

also the atmosphere is really cooli. experience it dude.


Tuesday night, I got to hang out with some galy pals. we did girly things like got our nails done where you drink wine. yes, that’s a thing and i think everyone should do it. then, i met up with Matt at a hedge fund club event. we drank fancy dranksss, and ate fancy food. then, i talked to a girl who went to Brown with Emma Watson and so basically my jaw was dropped the entire time.

Monday night (can i go out of order?) i went to a galy get together to watch the bachelor. i was a little hesitant about going because, i don’t watch that show and sometimes i feel like i’m the only one – anyways… ok, bachelor get togethers ROCK. ummm there were 14 bottles of wine. 14 bottles of wine. cookie dough cupcakes. pizza. cheese platters. candles. so many snuggles. maybe best day of my life.



matt is the furthest person in the world from being hipster.

me? wanna be hipster so bad it’s pathetic.

favorite thing about matt? he comes with me to all the coolest hipster spots.

Ok. Little Goat Diner is a place you need to go. It’s so hipster it’s sick. Your waiter may come over as say to you “yo dudes” and then you may or may not barf by how hipster it actually is.

but the food there was incredible. so check it out. maybe wear hipster fake glasses? or like a flannel or be real chill. idk whatever.

among other things, it was the greatest get away. surrounded by such good people and company. felt so very adventurous, which is the greatest fulfilling feeling for dis girlie.

ended the week by hopping on a plane and heading to Nashville. What a life changing trip that was. (to be featured in what’s coming..)

came home and was greeted by the biggest hug and smile from Mike Man yelling “YOU’RE HOME YOU’RE HOME!” i love that so much.

then, had a mirror selfie session with RJ, because i thought he needed to be introduced to that anyway.



actual BFF’S.

so. friends. i originally started this blog just as a way for my friends and family to keep up with my new adventure on the east coast! how exciting that was. i’ve been so very grateful for all the reads and comments from you all. i’ve had such a blast keeping you updated and letting you know what i’m up to.

with that, i want to work on my writing. i want to help people feel and live through my experiences. not just  updating you from weekend to weekend.. which i feel like i’m doing – because, that – that’s for me.

i had a pretty surreal eye opener in Nashville this last weekend, and have decided to rebuild my writing and what i’m trying to get at. does that make sense?

i luuuuvee ya guys and thank you so much for being part of my very first, beginner level, so beginner level bloggy blog.

it’s been fun.

if you find my other bloggy, i hope you like it.

xo xo xo xo




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