Going to NY? Look here!


Chelsea Market

Dig Inn:

Bare Burger:


Russ & Daughters

Los Feliz: 

American Whiskey

Two Door Tavern

Berry Park



5th Ave

Buffalo Exchange:

Times Square Forever 21: 

Chelsea Market Flea: 


Central Park

Bryant Park

Union Square Market

Street fairs

The High Line

Washington Square Park.


I LOVE BROOKLYN. Here are some sweet things to do while there:

first things first, walk to Brooklyn from Manhattan. You do so by crossing the Brooklyn Bridge The views you get from this are INSANE. the kind of views that give you goosebumps and then you believe that everything is possible.

also, the Williamsburg Bridge. such great views of the city. also, neat graffiti along the entire bridge!

Brooklyn Flea Market. Super sweet, cool vendors from all over and foods that taste like heaven in your mouth. Check out their website here it has a ton of information and will convince you to go.

Thirsty? Want a fun atmosphere? Want to feel like you’re in paradise? Need a refresher? Ok, go here It’s the Brooklyn Surfbar. The ground is sand, literally. Look!

One of my favorite spots in Brooklyn, Lavendar Lake. Just look at these pictures and search the website because it really as cool as it seems. actually it’s better.

The Wythe Hotel. THIS IS A MUST in Brooklyn. You walk into the hotel, go straight up the elevator to the very top and then you loose your breath at the view. Really, I couldn’t believe I was actually there. Look at this and here

Fada best brunch around. yummy yummy yummy. also located so very close to a lot of thrifty shops and stores.


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