i’m lauren and here’s what i think:

too often we set limitations. We fear the unknown and settle for whats comfortable to us. Run, run from that. Too much of our time is spent wishing, hoping and dreaming of what could be. Instead, focus your energy and efforts on finding the strength and power within yourself to break down those barriers and  go after those dreams, those beautiful, reachable dreams of yours. Embrace this life that was given to you. Remember that no matter what comes your way along the journey, the world is going to continue to go round and move forward. Nothing is set in stone and the possibilities are endless. Life is a beautiful adventure and you have been given the opportunity to live it. live it, live every single second of it.

go after that.

go do good.

go do you.




other than that i like coffee, wine and good conversation. i brush my teeth more than 3 times a day. i will watch “The Holiday” all year round. don’t ask if i’ve seen the movie – because i probably haven’t. i’m infatuated with jay -z. i’ll always love a good drive with no destination and good tunes. i love happy hour and patios. i also like summer. if  guacamole is involved; count me in. if i’ve never been, take me.


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