The Importance Of Being Confused About Your Life

Thought Catalog

In this world, it seems that the people who have very clear, definite, and finite goals are the ones that attain them. People that are able to put their heads down and work. And work and work and work. But they work with direction. They work with conviction and the belief that they are making it to the promised land – whatever it is that is their promised land.

And they get there. The ones who put their heads down are for sure the people that make it. The people with blueprints. Blueprints for how their lives and the world are going to be better after all of the work that they are doing. Blueprints for practice, blueprints with goals. Blueprints with a different future.

And then there are people who seem to be more across the board in terms of work ethic.  Sometimes they work sporadically. Sometimes they work…

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